Creating your own legions

Hi everybody!

The prospect of creating your own entities to serve your purposes is an interesting one. My question is this, can anyone attest to the power/usefulness of entities they have created versus that of familiar bestowed by a Demonic entity that they have been working with? Are the ones you make any different from the ones gifted to you? Personally I’d love to have one or two “helping hands” around for various reasons but I’d want one that could move things around in the physical world so they can help me find things I have lost ( I have read accounts of familiar doing that for their magicians and I loose things I need constantly cuz I am a spaz like that) , as well as do other things. Testimonies advice and thoughts?

The ones I make are just as good as naturally occurring entities. But depending on the method you use to make them, your milage may vary. Then again, imo the only real difference between creating something and finding something already there, is your just using a different avenue to manifest the same type of function in your reality.

I agree with Defectron, and also it depends on how much faith you have in them. If you invision a familiar that is loyal and helpful and you trust they will follow thru for you, then things should be fine. But if you constantly doubt their power or dwell on where their power comes from etc. you may find your familiars are just as useless as a fart in a sock.

Thank you Defectron and RavensAscent. That makes sense.

From your experience, could you explain step by step how to successfully make a follower keep it in control and well fed with no doubting in it?

I’m actually not supposed to give away my methods of exactly of doing so but I can give a broad overview.

Think of it like this, all intelligences that people evoke and stuff are just patterns of energy, to use my method, you need to learn how to copy those patterns and even mix them with other compatible patterns effectively creating hybreds, chimeras or frankenstiens, whatever you want to call them. Of course in my view all things exist so I’m just using one method to bring something to light that was already there. I prefer creating to finding because for one it’s more fun, and secondly it allows greater degrees of control, if your good at it that is.

You can’t efficiently make these sorts of beings as a regular human though, takes too much energy, you will need to be able to access the godform state in order to make that sort of entity.