Creating the right environment for invocation and evocation?

What advice do you recommend for creating the right environment for magical purposes?

Emotions and stuff like that? And any other things?

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What I do is make sure the room is clean, that there is the least amount of noise surrounding me and my tools are prepared.
As for emotions, I usually meditate first and try to be calm, to empty my mind from distractions too.

I guess it also depends on what you want to achieve too, but I think being calm is a good base to build up the rest.

Hope it helped !

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i saw some people doing rituals in dirty/messy rooms, but i heard somewhere it’s a type of banishing/cleansing of your area before and also you’re ‘inviting guests’, so yeah it makes a good impression :smile:

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Yeah definitely so keep my room clean?

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i guess so, but i’m usually too lazy to do it so it won’t hurt your magic if you don’t keep it clean

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art…they seem to like art.


Really? How so?

For me, I’ve found the environment of my mind to be much more important than wherever I happen to be when I perform magick. If my mind is calm, that is all I need.

In addition to taking a few moments to meditate and quiet the mind at the beginning of a ritual, I also enjoy doing some mundane, low-effort activity for a bit before the ritual, and even before writing my journal entry (which I do directly before the ritual itself). It doesn’t particularly matter what the activity is, so long as it requires little to no focus but still engages my body somehow. Things like taking a shower or cleaning can work, but my current preference is a walk.

What I like about walking in particular is that it allows my mind to wander and unravel without feeling bored or stagnant. Something about motion and automatic physical activity tends to put me in a great state of mind to perform magick.

I also understand and can appreciate the desire for more elaborate rituals, with things like chanting and moving about an altar and using various props and such, and if this is how you prefer to work, then I’d suggest finding a location where you will not be disturbed. It doesn’t really matter if you are, but you probably do not want others interrupting your rituals.

While I do believe that all you need for magick to work is your imagination, these more elaborate setups can help to generate the feeling of wonder and gravity, which can help the magick feel more potent. I think there is also much value (an unappreciated value, at that) in ritual magick as performance art. If you enjoy expressing yourself in this way, then you should definitely do whatever it is that brings you satisfaction.