Creating the nexion

Is there an alternative to sacrificing a serpent?

There is only one and that is the sacrifice of the toad. What people do not realize is that there is a very intimate relationship between the Zanda and the sacrifice. The serpent has HUGE alchemical value because in all honesty you are actually sacrificing your comfort.
Now with that being said, here are the practical working mechanics of this… The serpent has a direct connection to the Serpent power or Kunda Force which flows through us. By sacrificing the snake it awakens this force within in a very powerful way. Think of it this way…
See the Kunda Force as a house fire. Before creating the nexion of infernal power this fire is contained by many closed doors. When the sacrifice is made a back-draft occurs igniting and consuming the totality of limitation. It blows open internal blockages allowing the Blackened Fire to flow more freely so that alchemical adjustments can take place. Without this sacrifice internal doors remain closed. Extreme imbalance can occur. It makes alchemical work more risky than it already is.


The serpent must be seen as an offering in exchange for the benefits of a pact with the Legions of Arezura, and the Nexion of Infernal Power a living embodiment of that pact.


Very well Kurtis, thank you for the speedy and informative response.


I can not wait until i am able to put my urn together. Come on spring! I need dirt!! Thank you @KurtisJoseph for being here to answer questions and offer support!


where do you take the snake?
and others items of urn ?

I believe I spoke to you on FB bro. Listen… I truly am not trying to be facetious here. First off I do not even get the context of this question. What do you mean where do you take it? BMOA is VERY comprehensive and everything is gone over step by step. I understand people may like to stimulate conversation through questions and that’s fine. That is why I do not blow a gasket over this stuff.
However I would suggest that your questions stimulate conversation by being based on that which is not already put in plain sight. In this way you contribute to the exploration and growth of the Path of Smoke, empowerment of self and others!
If you feel this needs answered please elaborate so I can better understand.

I am talking about the fabrication/build of altar urn or nexion you say to put a snake in as a symbol of the sacrifice I asked where would you find the snake? here in canada there are laws i have to buy a snake from a pet store. and the other ingredients I think I can find them on the internet.
I’m sorry english is not my language I use google translation.


This is fine. I have to do the same for snakes since i love in the middle of a city where there arn’t too many around lately. Oddly enough i have run into alot of lizards, frogs, 1 toad and 2 scorpions in the last few weeks during the week at odd times :thinking:


Bingo! Yes it is fine.

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