Creating Successful Curses Of Your Own Design

I wish to pose a question to all followers of the Left Hand Path. That question you have most likely already guessed; is it possible to create your own curse, with affects, results and is cast by means of your own choosing? Essentially, writing your own, completely original curse.

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Thank you Euoi.

The ritual itself doesn’t matter as much as your intent, need, and focus.

Otherwise you could pick up any curse ritual from any book and do it in a half-assed way and never get any results.

Good question - yes it is.

Here’s something I picked up by chance when my only “teachers” were my dad’s Dennis Wheatley books, ancient Pan anthologies of horror, Stephen King, and movies - imagine you’re writing a movie script and you have to bring every bit of visceral imagery and impact to writing a scene with a character performing a curse.

If you know something would feel not credible, or tedious, or lose the emotional impact (for example reciting a 72-page incantation, word-perfect, in latin) then leave it out - but if, in your mind, that incantation lends power and intensity, if you can imagine the scene building slowly and steadily to a dramatic climax off that, then by all means use it!

When you derive new methods though they HAVE to appeal to your senses and emotions, and imagining them ahead of time as a fictional thing is the best way I’ve ever discovered for this.

(And yes, the stuff arrived at by this method has always worked for me, more so than when I experimented using stuff from other people’s books, like NAP.)

Thank you Lady Eva, that information is most useful.

My experience has been that ALL ritual was written by someone who may (or may not) be legitimate. Thus the ritual itself is subject to that source of course, but NOT your intention or willpower.

A well performed ritual with little focus or will power is mental masterbation IMHO. However, a ritual performed with passion and fire, a genuine tremor of hostility in your voice, pulse pounding in your veins, blood taken from a vein from your body, a knife stabbing at the heart of the effigy of your target - only semi-well perhaps even clumsily executed to Daemons imploring and demanding for vengeance or death to be handed out - can wreak terrible effects.

I believe EA wrote about one such incident of passion and fire in his youth in his book “Baneful Magic” - and she died of a rare cancer.

I performed something similar in a moment of rage. I can attest it works with stunning accuracy.

From what I have experienced, it is focus and passion that produces results, not written spells in Latin or a mathematically correct 9 foot circle on the floor.

Your Power comes from within.

I am grateful for the input R.L, those last words sound quite inspiring.