Creating spirits or entities from reading about them or the creation of ones mind

I am curios of this and peoples thoughts on this matter. Now there are a lot of books with various spirit names be it elemental, djinn, angels, demons etc etc. But what I am curios of is can anyone literally run with a certain name and belief of a spirit type and summon said entity up much like creating a servitor or egregor? Do we have full proof that said spirits are actual spirits like the more archaic types or lesser known types and not just names plucked from imagination that can literally be summoned by just the belief in said spirit from reading about them? A good example of this I think is the necronomicon as we know its mainly imaginary work though it does use some real works mixed within its words but what a lot of people do not realize is the Sumerian texts of the incantations are actually exorcisms to exorcise away evil spirits yet in these rituals they are to call up said evil spirits. But what I find interesting is that some people get these to work and work well. I am thinking of trying just a random name myself, what feels like it would be a spirit name with a story about them and possibly a sigil, and trying an invocation of said spirit or petition to task them and see if this can work.

Experiment, and experiment thorougly, with both sides. That will give experience and resolve the question in a good way.



No, we don’t. I generally consider ancient mythology to basically be the “pop culture” of its day.


This is something that has played out in my mind as well. :thinking: How do we know? Well experiment!

The only reason why I would say that some are legit beings is because of my own experiences that I had even years before knowing they exist or anything of the sort. So the real question of the day is, if they are simply of our imagination then how can one dream of someone they never truly knew about in the first place until years latter? Would you say then that is a product of some massive web like structure of the collective conscious? Or one of my faves, simply a dream character that is thought up like most of everything els around from the dream we are all in either via our “real” minds that is els where or the product of a large dragon or beast to where once they wake up we be nothing. Truly fascinating to think of :face_with_monocle:

Honestly there is so many different points of view but in ways all are true when you really think of it. :face_with_monocle: Sprits use our imagination to aid them in the interaction yet they use their own energy to do things yet they are in ways limited to what we can truly experience yet they can control that experience to a degree. :thinking:


I agree and this is what got me thinking as I know there is a growing trend of belief in thinking these entities are archetypes of the mind and in essence if they are or aint they still are accessed via the power of the mind regardless and both ways still show their power. We know the mind is extremely powerful and our own work without entities can show that we can achieve mostly all that we can with entities but I think the culture of them, belief in their power and energy help us in regards of offloading our work unto something else we believe holds more power in that domain than we do. But what got me thinking was reading old grimours and seeing the countless spirit types and names like elemental spirits, djinns, demons, angels, archangels, old spirits, gatekeepers etc etc. I sadly do not have the ability to fully communicate with entities as I lack that clairvoyance but it does make me think by reading about them are we creating them. Like you say maybe we then access that creation on a web as our subconscious minds are all connected and psychedelics always shows this connection in trips at various points. A nice example of this networked magick is in the linking sigil phenomenon or LS for example where the sigil can connect to all its instances regardless of location and take or output energy as nodes within a network. So much so its grown its own entity and intelligence. So to me reading a compelling story of a spirits name and attributes in essence could create said entity much like a servitor I guess but the power of such a thing would be interesting to be seen. I guess it can hold as much power as we allow it to or envision it like below if we said a little story about a made up entity could this be made real ;).

Then a powerful spirit came unto me from the corner of my circle. Bold in appearance with a heavy stature and deep glowing red eyes with the flames of the infernal within. I could smell a repugnant smell of sulfur fill the room and a warmth like a hundred candle flames surrounding me. Looking deep at me I asked this entity of what his name is and he stated ‘I am Stugnutel, give forth thy desires and command me forth and shall it be done’. In that moment I had a slight fear come over me in seeing such a monstrous creature held before my very eyes but regained my composure, while trying to not let him sense my momentary lapse of fear, and asked of him of what services can he render unto me. He stud quietly for a moment and replied ‘I can render the will of any subject unto thee for you will be master over their minds and hearts and shall everything thou sayest be rendered possible through them.’. I sat for a moment within my circle thinking of what I could test such a powerful force upon…

with the above story we have given a small story to bypass the conscious filter and create imagery that instills this supposed entity within the mind. Given a name, its attributes and how it shall feel upon calling it and its services. Very much like most books do. I know the black dragon book gives strange phrases and word structures to help put you into a sort of trance reading it to absorb the information and books like the black pullet read as a story to help with this also.


Just to add on to this also. I think the creating our own spirits idea also holds true with most entities because what I never understood is why we cant lust for a result if given to a spirit or entity. Because if you truly are disconnected from said entity and task them to do something then lusting for that result, maybe have a slight doubt or anything else should not matter as the spirit now is in control of your task. But if the spirit is a dynamic of our subconscious mind then lusting for said result WILL affect its outcome as its technically just our own minds doing the work. I think this is a complicated subject and we may never know the truth as our minds are complex systems. Now if say someone could evoke a spirit into full view and another outside person can see it then that would undoubtedly say the spirit is external or maybe even a manifested tulpa. But if only the mage can see the spirit while another cannot then its purely the subconscious mind creating this affect. Does it make it any less real or powerful? not at all as we are using the entities as a tool to direct our magickal force. But in saying this if these exist within a collective mind then maybe its via our mind they manifest by our will and desire and are still external in the world of the collective subconscious or universe.

Only time I ever encountered a spirit was in the corner of my room one day after listening to binaural beats for half an hour or so. I opened my eyes and saw this old lady with pale white skin and black eyes grinning at me from bottom of my bed in corner of room. I shit myself to put it lightly as it was unexpected and it went. But prior to this my family was going through a major depressive episode and hearing voices, self harm etc. So I believe either this parasite attached to them and affected us all or their depressed mind created and manifested a spirit of sorts. Never seen one since like that thankfully. But I have seen shadows move around from corner of my eye and heard noises etc. So its an unusual one is it the mind causing this from my belief in magick or physical spirits…

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Good luck!

Myself, I would prefer to use my time and energy in ways that I know will traditionally produce results, Psychology works in different ways with the collective unconscious, There have been occultists who apparently rely on the creation of psychogones, but I’m not one of them.

What I do know is everything to us humans, whether real or imaginary, is psychological, not much we can do about that.

Putting the horse before the cart, some occultists claim that their work is purely psychological, and doesn’t go much beyond what they claim is imaginary, or purely self induced. However, psychologists make no claim that I know of, except maybe some Carl Jungians, that their trade has anything to do with the occult. If that indeed is the case the imagination self induction claim doesn’t hold much water, because we use both the real and the imaginary to process these experiences, which are validated by actual manifestation.

Mentalism is a term that is often narrowed or confused by stage magicians. If they were right, then only lesser magic, in our case, Lesser Black Magic, could be accomplished by the occultist. But Mentalism is more complicated than merely using trickery, trade skill, psychological ploys, manipulation, and props to impress or entertain an audience. One can actually use Mentalism or mind power to produce an actual result or effect, metaphysically, without all the gimmicks.

So I believe either this parasite attached to them and affected us all or their depressed mind created and manifested a spirit of sorts. Never seen one since like that thankfully.

Well, that description fits what is often referred to as Hecate, if you want to consider that a parasite. But I think you are watching too many movies, and taking them too seriously. You have the keys right in your hand, all you have to do is use them

Your view point is coinciding with my view that these things are possible constructs of our internal mind which is just archetypes really. Not lessening their power or influence etc and maybe our mind is one universal entity where these all reside or are connected to and psychedelic trips often show this. A connection to everything and everyone around us.

Using a power is fine but that should not dissuade us from investigating where it comes from or learning about it. We have so many spirit types, names, categories its a huge list that is ever growing and yet we have no clue if these are constructs or physical entities. We know they can work but I find the give away in this is the fact we cannot lust for results even if passing it off unto an entity. If it was truly separate then surely lusting for results would not affect its outcome as the entity in question has your request and is performing the actions outside of your conscious mind.

I can assure that this thing was not Hecate and very much a parasitic spirit of sorts, a good blasting of sage for 3 days cleared it up nicely. It held no intrinsic power. Though its depiction may sound familiar it was more akin to just an old woman from the 16th century with an evil looking grin and blackened eyes. Funnily enough the location it was in seems to be a thin veil in terms of energy. Standing in that spot your skin tingles and outside of it nothing. Likewise I set up my altar in this very spot to utilize this :).

When you say keys in my hands what are you meaning in terms of that?

Yes, I agree, if it took a blasting of sage it had no intrinsic power to begin with,

Using a power is fine but that should not dissuade us from investigating where it comes from or learning about it

I totally agree with that

We have so many spirit types, names, categories its a huge list that is ever growing and yet we have no clue if these are constructs or physical entities.

There isn’t as much difference as what is popularly thought of. They are definately not physical, it’s something that exists in a different non physical dimension, but percievable to humans through a process. But we are physical.

We know they can work but I find the give away in this is the fact we cannot lust for results even if passing it off unto an entity.

To not become obsessed or completely consumed by it

When you say keys in my hands what are you meaning in terms of that?

Don’t become your own biggest obstacle

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That is true I guess like most things its down to our own perception of experience in a way. This is why I always think our own magickal systems or developed methods can be more powerful as its from our own subconscious mind.

That is true I find one of the biggest obstacles to magick is reading to much on it and not practicing it enough unless one wants to observe only. Or self doubt. I like the idea of doing self magick or micro-enchantments to release certain internal conflicts and build self power and belief along with long term strategic ritual work etc.

While I don’t make it a habit of telling anyone exactly what do do, there are obvious issues with reading too much and practicing too little. One is that the pages are often full of opinionated dogma and inaccuracies, can often steer you in the wrong direction, hindering any possibility of progresss, losing or wasting valuable time and energy. The reading will eventually get you no where , the practice will almost immediately bear fruit. You will have to start by making a decision choosing something that is compatible with needs, either emotional or material, and work from there.

Once you begin to experience the yield, it becomes more of a motivating factor, and you begin to tailor some of your lifestyle around it. Why? because it’s working!

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I agree I see it a bit like Bruce Lee saw martial arts or his JKD. Take the best of what suits you on an individual level from various systems and make it your own and have a system of your own that suits and works for you and your body type or mind. I have trialed various stuff and some things feel good and others just dont connect at all like you say or maybe are better for the author because it was their own method but to someone else doesn’t cut it.

One thing I wish books would do though is teach people how to do small things first that give easy results and micro enchantments for building self-image, power, belief, love of self, safety etc etc. Instead of the meaty sections people want but have no experience with and then complain if it doesnt work.

You can see from the many testamonials in here there are various eclectic working methods. Experienced practitioners can teach you, but in the final run it’s up to you to do the work.

The people who complain or claim it doesn’t work should simply be ignored.