Creating servitors with energy of the planets and stars

So I was wondering if it’s possible to create a servitor or multiple servitors during certain times of the year to absorb and be of the energies of that time. For instance there’s a upcoming new moon in Scorpio coming next month. If I were to create a servitor at that time would it soak up the energies of scorpio around the time it’s created or would simple be of my own energy and nothing else?

My thought:

You would instruct it to do so, and further (in whatever manner suits you) channel that energy into it, to tie/link and empower it.

For instance, you could create a sigil representing the black moon in Scorpio (a black circle with a silver Scorpio :scorpius: sign in it), draw down the energy of the moon into it like a conduit and then create the servitor over it (within it) to tie it energetically to the moon in Scorpio and feed it in it’s initial creation with that energy.

I imagine there’s a whole host of methods that could be thought up and used.


How can this be done? I know the greeks and roman frequently did this but I am unfamiliar with how.

visualization and will.

Point your wand above and pull the energy of the moon into it’s tip while focussing on the image of the black moon and sign of scorpo then direct and push (will) it into the sigil, or servitor (directly), etc.

You could also pull the energy into your left or non dominant hand (facing up towards the moon) while pushing the energy out through your dominant hand into the sigil or servitor.