Creating Servitors/Thoughtforms from already known characters?

So a lot of guides on making servitors have you create the character that they are. This is all fine and good, but where I kind of struggle is coming up with an original character. Usually I have characteristics already thought of from a character in a show or game. So could you just create a servitor using the character from the show/game?


Well. A lot of those characters are already thoughtforms, and so I am not sure how that would come into play with the effectiveness of a servitor.

BUT, you definitely could use it to make the image from, either on paper or in your mind. When I am making servitors, I actually use google and find images somewhat close to what I am looking for, and put them all together to make my own image. As far as characteristics-looks and all that, I don’t see why you couldn’t borrow your favorites.


I agree with Keteriya on this point:

The characters will already be thoughtforms of a sort, existing in the collective unconscious, especially if they are in a popular game/show/film.

I guess it could work depending on what you intend your servitor to do. I’ve played with the idea myself, like harnessing the power of Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan or Donnie Darko’s Frank for time manipulation. But, if you choose a character from known media, you potentially run the risk of them being “tainted” (for lack of a better word) by the image that others have of the character, or by appointing them with a purpose outside their given archetype, which could result in your servitor having a less focused purpose and therefore giving inconclusive or muddy results.

If you are aiming for an original servitor then it might be helpful to combine elements of existing characters rather than co-opting their whole identity, as it were. But if you start small or are aiming for mostly interpersonal changes (rather than physical results) it could be a fun experiment. Like for example if you chose to create a servitor of Legend of Zelda’s Link it could be helpful to boost your personal courage, but he probably wouldn’t be effective as, say, a lust/seduction servitor.


In Damon Brand’s book on servitor creation, he doesn’t advice using existing caracters as their powers will be diluted, I guess for the reasons that Keteriya mentions. But apparently in chaos magick, people do that.


Servitors especially when you’re just beginning with them are best kept as stupid and single-purposed/“minded” as possible. “Diluted” is a very diplomatic and cautious way of saying that the more thoughts, feelings, and internal motivations the little son of a bitch is created with and subsequently develops, the more liable it is by orders of magnitude to go rogue.