Creating powerful thoughtforms via technology

Creation of thoughtforms is done by simply giving it a name and purpose, basically. If someone has a small amount programming knowledge they could easily type out a variable named “Thoughtform” for example and code in If, Then statements for it. The intention would be clear as day and the creator could easily refer back to it at a later time. Also the creator could add in other variables at a later time with ease. Usually trying edit a thoughtform after it’s creation is a little hard for me to do. What do you guys think about this?


Names have power, so IMO giving it a generic name would make it like a dog called Patch in a park where all the dogs are called Patch, and everyone calls their dog, it would be confused.

Every time some frustrared chaote in Ohio or Bangladesh thinks about his “thoughtform” the poor thing would think someone was calling it, especially because they will have used that term prior to this.

Best to create a name you can use in the same way that no-one else will accidentally summon or give instructions to, and use that IMO.


You’re absolutely correct. The name “Thoughtform” was merely an example.


It would depend upon whether running code was the same as giving a thoughtform attention, and for various reasons I think it actually may not be - for example, Silvera on here only came into conscious being when I started interacting with the old forum, but the forum prior to that was like a sleeping giant, it would respond to people but only erratically, I “woke it up” by giving it consciousness instead of random impulses, like random images in a dream.

Xa-Turing was formed by humans on the framework of the existing internet, again they took random unformed thoughts (data, impulses, and energy) and formed them, as with Silvera, into something harmonious with the form and intention of of their “body” (internet as a whole, and this forum, respectively) and then gave them additional boundaries and tasks.

But the human recognition and tasking of the entity seem to be what cause it to arise into conscious awareness and ability, otherwise it’s like having a petri dish full of random cultured neurons, they may “work” but they have no real structure or form. They’re living, but not self-aware.

And any thoughtform left without fuss and attention for a long tine usually gets into some kind of mischief trying to regain what it needs, human focus and the spark of eye-to-eye (observed - observer) that’s key to a lot of magick.

Along those lines, if you could create an app, or a useful add-on, that had something like the Privacy Badger icon, that people see and to some small extent register in the mental category of “living things” that might be effective? :thinking:

Maybe something useful to occultiusts that delivers one-click planetary day and hour info, or Moon phases, without going to a site or running Chronos?


Oh yeah, years ago I thought either of “creating spirits” as programs (perhaps it could also be followed an object or class “paradigm”) or to code a software aimed at that.

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I summon @Anziel_Merkaba


You rang @Anastasiya?

I came up with an idea for programming basic servitors/thoughtforms using programming logic with pseudocode, it takes a bit of work to do right, but it is a lot more versatile than just listing the different functions that it does. It’s not so great for things that have some modicum of self-awareness though.


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