Creating Portals Vortex's Doorways and passages

Perhaps I am not using the right words, but I am trying to find grimoires or other data on how to create Portals Dorrway etc. Some so that ‘Dark Kinfolk’ can come to me; others, so that I can “build” them into other peaoples homes and lands and create a Real Demonically Intolerable PARTYZONE" LIKE THE KIND OF PARTY WHERE THE THING WHICH ATE aL HAZARED OF THE nECROMONICON. i LOOK FOREWARD TO ANY HELP, THANX!!!

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Mirrors, fountains, bodies of water are all natural portals. It doesn’t take much to enchant them towards a specific goal. For landscaping I would go with a very small in-ground pond surrounded by plants or trees to help facilitate the working.


How would someone enchant a mirror? Just charge it with intent or something?