Creating New Sigils For Previously Unknown Entities

In my practice I rarely work with sigils as a means of evoking an entity. So I’m curious…

When some of you out there meet a spirit that you’ve grown fond of, assuming they aren’t well known enough to already have an established sigil, how do you go about creating the proper sigil for them?

There are multiple methods to choose from. Popular ones are:

  1. The Rose Cross method - take the name and trace the sigil using the template (google and search here for discussions)

  2. Chaos magik method - youtube has tutorials for this, you take the name and kind of design your own logo.

  3. Channel it in ritual - you ask the entity to show you it’s sigil via clairvoyance or clairsentience, then capture it on paper, or even via automatic writing.


I ask them to make one for me or I make one and have them empower it that way it has their energy within it and not my own.