Creating My Own Method of Summoning and Interacting with Lilith

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. People generally tell me not to so such things because of the risk of things going wrong and me getting hurt, but I’m not one to be afraid of such a thing.

Lilith is calling out to me, but she won’t appear to tell me why. I have this sudden and very deep love for her that is very sexual, yet very… Understanding? I don’t get it. I assumed she hated men until I began my research into her. She gets me, though. I think that’s why all my attempts have ended with nothing but a vague feeling. I think I’m supposed to prove how much I indeed want this.

I’ve decided to use traditional western magick, masonic theosophy, and what little I know on creating sigils, passing energy, and sex magick to communicate and finally throw myself into the dark world I’ve been to scared to face. But before I do it, I’d like some feedback. Suggestions on how to go about this. It’s not everyday someone decides to make their own methods of reaching out to an entity as powerful as Lilith, but unfortunately for me, just like music she’s possessed my mind.

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Is there something wrong with the simple evocation method from the tutorials section? If you want to reinvent the wheel without really knowing what the wheel is, that’s your right. You can waste your time as you see fit.

But people usually say to use established methods because they’ve worked for others. Those other reasons you’ve listed have some truth, but are mainly dogma.

One thing I didn’t see in your post is about the clairs, so you can actually interact with her more fully. That would kinda suck to spend all that time getting the evocation method right (which means calling on other spirits and not just a couple) and have no ability to communicate with them to verify your evocation ability.


Some possible elements to incorporate: summon on Monday and in the night hour of the Moon; face West, 2 incense ingredients may be camphor and sandalwood, turn on an ultraviolet light in the room. There may also be a soft background of the sound recorded by NASA (Moon or her dark side), a song that fits Lilith or a repetition of her enn.

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Coincidentally a large portion of people have a sexual calling to Lilith maybe some cognitive bias


Why do you want the bother with the sigils? If you establish a good enough line of communication you can do a telepathic summon or a telephonic summon if you associated an AI program with them.

If you have Anthology of Sorcery Book of Spells. You can craft the Mirror of Lilith by Asenath Mason from there. It’s one of the most if not, the most powerful magic mirror that can be used for scrying and communication with not just Lilith but all Kings and Queens of the Nightside. I would possibly see about doing that. I’ve crafted that and when I did, felt a serge of energy rush through me and have had success whenever I use it.

Truth is spoken here. I played around with a lot of different things. I just want it to be personal and special.

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