Creating Magickal Entities by David Cunningham

Creating Magickal Entities by David Cunningham.

So I picked this book up and its really a quick read. Its not what I was expecting or hoping for at all. This is basically simple servitor creation using Chaos magick, not that there is anything wrong with that but I was hoping this book would delve into some of the other methods of entity creation such as those incorporating the Tree of Life, folk magick methods such as a Toby/Mojo among others.Rabbi Judah Loew who was famous for his golem was mentioned only briefly with no real insight into his methods.

If you have literally any magickal experience you can skip the first few chapters as they are the usual regurgitation of Meditation, Visualization, Exercise and Diet to help build ones own energy.

As the book gets into the actual creation of the entity they bring up some methods I was not familiar with which seemed not really necessary but could aid one in the prepatory immersion of the entity’s creation. For example using a statement of intent as one would with a sigil and them using numerology to create a magick square as well as using the numerology found in the name to determine its features and gender.

Next they go I to different methods of programming such as using multiple symbols to create a sigil. In one example given for a house protection entity a simple symbol of a house, the Hebrew letter Beth, a Delta symbol, the rune Thusiaz/Thorn and the alchemical symbols of the sun and moon were used to all designate different functions of the entity.

Later simple methods of housing, calling, making contact and feeding are given. Again nothing is really in depth and is a general chaos magick method. Several Apendixes are given detailing different entities and how their use was determined by their creators.

All in all its not an impressive book but not a complete waste. I found some ideas such as the programming of the sigil to be intriguing and will likely try some of these methods out. Of one is looking for more diverse methods they should look elsewhere.

Good review, TWF. This is one of the first books I read when I first started looking into ‘entities’ of all sorts.

It’s not a bad book just not what I was looking for, I read the reviews which ledemto believe this was a bit more advanced. I’m not saying entity creation isn’t advanced just that the methods they outlined were pretty well known and for the most part Imcould have learned this all in about an hour and a half of deep googling. I think I paid less than $15 so it wasn’t to bad. I’ll probably not down all the useful tidbits and gift it.

Donald tyson has a book out on creating familiars which is a bit more advanced… it mainly concerns elementals though…

I would have liked to have seen some of that added to this book. Does Tyson talk about creating an elemental entity or using elemental nalancing in its creation? I’m familiar with using elemental balancing as well as using the gate opening method laid out in S. Connolly’s Infernal Colopatiron to charge an item or entity.

Just use the step by step instruction from the book, but instead add your own twist to it, start experiment with the system, try to see instead of createing entity how you will normally do in the book, see where you can add that elemental that you wish to create. I hope that helps!!!

That’s the plan, I’m going to use Connolly’s gate opening method to give it an elemental charge.

He, if I remember correctly, forms the body and gender from the elemental association of each letter in the name of the entity and decides the alignment by values attributed to the letter that make up it’s purpose.
he also has a unique form of creating a sigil by creating a glyph language

This book have has almost that exact method except instead of elemental associations to the letters they used their numerical correspondence. The different glyphs or symbols of the sigil are used to make a circuitry of sorts as in one would use the planetary symbol of Mars to represent the part of the entity that is aggressive or energetic while using an eye to represent its vigilance and seeing all that it presides over.

While this is useful in creating an entity and making sure you have particular aspects covered that really need to be covered I could see other ways to go about this and either supplement the above method or do without it. One could write a mythos to this creature and read it aloud when ensouling it to its fetish item, the fetish itself could look like the entity as in shaped from clay or putty or even a picture drawn or painted could be used to house the entity.