Creating invocations

So this is a question which has been bugging me for the past day or two; how does one create his own invocations?
(I mean invocations to a spirit).

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Read plenty of other invocations to more than one deity. You then get a feel of the langange and style of how they are written. Then you slowly mold your own over time. :slight_smile:

Pretty much the same with spells and rituals. Eventually you will have read enough and know enough basic knowledge to construct them yourself.


i dunno about spirits but with energies it can be as simple or complex as you want.

for example if you wanted to call on the force of fire you could use something along the lines of " i summon and call forth the fires of creation and destruction into this space and time. Fires of creation and destruction enter this (temple,circle ect), enter this vessel and fill it with the powers of your flame.

This would be for general use if you wanted to get specific attributes of fire into the ritual you would expand on the conjuration from there. i would think with invocations of spirits i would think it is similar.
I have invoked elements and planetary forces for the purposes of internal alchemy but haven’t done this with spirits.

Closest thing I am doing currently to this is kunda yoga

I have done these before. The thing to do is make sure you know what your end result is, what God/dess /Spirit/Power you want to embody. Then find any sort of related poetry, songs, colors, symbols, words language, etc. that works you into that state.

For a beginner it’s useful to know about changing your language for an invocation through a few main stages.

  1. Call upon the spirit as a mighty power, etc. Include references to it’s abilities and ask for its aid. You gotta feel like it hears you, and that you get a sense of awe as it manifests. You basically recite things about the spirit and ask it to show up.
  2. Then whip up your emotional state into a ‘divine frenzy’ seems to work best, adding in
    language and descriptions asking the spirit to assist you.
  3. When you reach a peak state of feeling Omnipotent, and your sense of Need is maxed out, speak words in the First person perspective, as at this point you are merging your mind with the spirits mind, and so that the spirit can work though you.What I mean by first person perspective is that instead of (for example) saying … Thor, your mighty hammer smashes down upon my foes… (that would be step 1 above), in this step you ‘become’ Thor so it would be something like… "… I hight Thor, Mjollnir’s wrath I unleash upon thee, __, and what was once against me shall be remade to serve me, as the molten metal is shaped by my will, so your will is shaped by mine hand,… … etc.

So first you praise the spirits qualities, then you beseech the spirit for assistance, then call the spirit into yourself and then you proceed with your operation with the power of the spirit inside and within you, as if you are the spirit. This is kind of a basic outline for a more classical ceremonial method.

Of course you can do it more quickly with practice. Check out NLP State Anchors for an example of a similar technique. Although with invocation its usually taking it much further, as the more you push it the better the results seem to be.

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Check your PM George. Thank you all for your input!