Creating energy attunements

Ive been interested for a while in finding out how people create attunements in the first place.

I recently came across a short manual for this on Etsy. It was pretty cheap so I got it and gave it ago the other day. As its copyrighted material I won’t be providing specific detail.

But the method presented involves using an energy source that the group who is the seller on Etsy says they created themselves for the purpose of creating custom attunements.

Then theres a process using certain words they created to bring in this energy and a process to use this to create ones own custom attunement.

Anyway, I’m still testing the one I created, so efficacy of the method yet to be properly established. I will say that some pretty strong energy came in during the creation and attunement process and I certainly felt quite a bit of movement in my energy system for some time afterwards.

But looking at this system, it really is dependent on using this energy source they referenced. I’m sure there are many other ways of creating attunements and I would very much like to hear how these are done if anyone knows and is willing to share.

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As of right they are pretty secretive.i am too tryining to know how to make them i read a book about passing down attunements to someone and it had a way to create attunements but it didnt seem likw nothing fancy like i expected so i didnt even try

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If you find out do tell me i wanna know too

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It may not need to be fancy. Do you remember the name of the book?

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Mastering Self Attunements By Ole Gabrielsen

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Many thanks, I shall look it up

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Doubly cool. When I tried finding places to buy it, it kept coming up out of print. Then I found that he’s offering it as a free pdf on his website. I just got it from there. I’ve just started another book, but when im through that I will go through this one

What book are you reading??