Creating an "Aura of influence"?

Is there is any spells that can increase influence over other people? I’ve seen spells that can manipulate a single person, but I’m looking at a spell to make it so that anyone I come into contact will be more likely to bend to my will, whether it’s business associates, romantic endeavors, friends, family, ect. Is there anything like that?


I’d make a servitor


What would you do for that?


I really like Damon Brand’s method. Basically you write a letter to the servitor explaining their appearance, nature, calling, powers, timing, sustenance, etc and then create a sigil for them. Let them incubate for a week or so and then grant them sentience.

Lot of ways to do it though. Chaos Matrix has a bunch of articles on them


Ohkay thanks, I’ll try it out

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The entire pantheon of the Goetia seem perfectly geared towards all sorts of influence. Tons of Demons for Lust, Love, and Seduction, others for baneful works. Paimon, Dantalion, and Orias can really work wonders with convincing people of anything, and Ronove can make you remarkably charismatic.

You’ve got a world of options. I’m a big fan of servitors because they come from your intelect and feel very familiar. If there’s a deeper lesson to be learned it won’t take forever to find it as it’s an “at home” power.

You may lose out on said deeper lessons however which is why I love working with both.