Creating an astral shield around you to be perceived differently

has anyone ever had success in creating a shield around you to appear scarier, intimidating, charming, gangster,stronger, weaker etc?

if anyone is willing to share their experiences you can post them here

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I don’t think an “astral shield” or any sort of “shield” is necessary for one to be perceived differently. Am well aware I’m one of the boring users for pointing this out, but I think these effects/impacts you’ve mentioned (appearing intimidating, charming, stronger, weaker, etc.) can be achieved already through mundane means.

Body language, speech style, voice tone, eye contact, how you carry yourself and the like… all of these you can work on depending on how you want to appear to others. For starters, are you talking in a firm and confident manner with an equally confident posture if you want to appear the “stronger” party in a social setting? How about putting a glaring intensity in your gaze and showing a more dominant yet closed-off body language to be seen as “intimidating”? Or why not be polite yet ever-friendly and welcoming, throw in a natural smile here and there as you begin an interesting conversation wherein everyone can join and have fun, devoid of all drama, so women by the end of the night would gush about how “charming” you are? :slight_smile:

IME, had people perceive me as “weak” and “dumb” because I emphasized my child-like appearance + traits. Often worked to my favor when dealing with ill-natured folks so they’d underestimate me and not anticipate what’s next. However, there are also people who believe I am “scary” and “intelligent” because I put my workaholic professional and stereotypical Virgo traits on display for the school to see. Had many more experiences like these as I deal with different types of people, but the thought remains similar regardless: no need for magick, really. Simply focus on aspects/details of oneself humans often tend to overlook and manipulate them accordingly to your situation/type of “crowd”.


Yes, but it’s not an astral shield, it’s just an energetic shield. Astral doesn’t have to be slapped on the front of everything lol.

I’ve made shields that project a person’s fear at them if they tried to read me without permission, but also to where it would create a ingrained fear towards me.

Experiment with your aura instead of shields, I mean, leaving everything behind, a shield make you less visible in physical sense lol.

of course, i mean to use the energetic fields as a bonus as well

using shields like that would be a very useful skill in these times. also airokinesis is extremely helpful as well

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