Creating a relationship with the Monad/Divine Self/ Higher Self/ Inner Self


I was wondering how everyone felt about their relationship with their Divine Self. Do you feel that creating a connection with the Divine Self is the most important prerequisite for magick? Also, does anyone have any personal experience with it?


As far as the effectiveness of manifestations, I’m not sure its required. But for existential health, your life path, and attaining the highest happiness, I would think that yes, you need your divine self. For me, some of the most inspiring moments are when you KNOW, through synchronicity, that your higher self has been communicating with you. That lets you know that the Universe does regard you, and you are important.


My Higher Self seems to talk to me in various ways. The most obvious ones are ‘clock synchronicities’, which I often had in my teens but didn’t have a clue back then what they were or what to do with them. Then studies and ‘life’ - you know, the mindnumbing ignorant ratrace- got in the way. It took a few life changing events to get back on track. And yes, the ‘clues’ I’ve received so far have all been very helpful in my path of Ascent;


Dear One, you speak of that Part of You as though It were somehow seperate! We’ve all faced that paradox at some point, but your own mind will serve you very well to begin thinking of your NonPhysical Aspect as a Real, Valid part of yourself. This Spirit-Part of you is beyond your ability to explain, but decide to trust that It is Real, Present, Vividly Alive and always, ALWAYS in agreement with you having whatever you want. The more comfortable you become with the knowledge there’s MORE OF YOU working on your behalf, , the more the door opens and you find yourself allowing It to benefit you. The Spirit-Part of Monad is quite certain that Monad knows what is best & right for Monad, and It will always work toward the desires of your heart. Instead of attempting to explain It to yourself, begin by simply being interested in & willing to rely upon this unexplored Mystery of you!


So strange. Over the past year I’ve been able to communicate with my Divine Self through dreams. In a dream, I would move my head back to look directly up, then pose a question or demand. For example, I may command “Pull me up!” and a large hand would manifest in the dream space and follow my command. If I ask any questions, then a loud voice would answer clearly. Unfortunately, as of recently, no one has been responding to my queries. I emailed a dream psychologists on why this happened, and he told me it is either a psychological block or my Divine Self is being silent for a specific reason only I could figure out. I have a spiritual dilemma of always thinking about what the Divine Self is, and not just letting it BE. I think the answer you posted, Zoe, is a synchronicity. Your post directly answered the spiritual dilemma I’ve been having. :slight_smile:


One way to connect with my higher self/source I found is meditation. Whether it’s Mindfulness Meditation or Transcendental Meditation, I find that whenever I go into it with a question on my mind or cognitive dissonance, the answer or solution just comes to me in the meditative state. It changes my perspective on a lot of things and that what bothered me before entering the meditation actually make sense or becomes even helpful. It’s like changing my perspective to a broader and wider scale. I can see the connection between the dots, so to speak.


I am SO SO happy for You, Monad. Congratulations!!!


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Yep, RedIce, meditation IS the fast track for most people. Odd as it may seem, its easier to get into a space of NO thought, than to get into a space of Pure, Expanded thought. Maybe because most folks’ Mind is so wholly invested in their Physical senses. Your input here will be helpful to many, I think.


Sounds a lot like Imperialdragon’s paradigm. RIP