Creating A Magical Cashbook

I’ve read Damon Brand’s book about creating a cashbook but I would like to make it more simple. I also don’t work with angels since the book mentions Nitika.

Therefore, I was wondering if I could put a sigil of either Ziku or Salas’ash on the magical cashbook and power it up? Thank you very much.

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By the way!
Nitika is not an angel, a genius spirit. It just channels the powers of angels.

So it is okay to work with.


You can make any alteration.

This is one i never got to work right, i should alter it towards demons.

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I’m not sure Nikita is actually an Angel spirit, nor a demon spirit, Nikita is listed as a genius spirit.

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You would have to rewrite the entire ritual used to empower the book, but I don’t see why you couldn’t.

However, if you are thinking of just substituting the spirits but following the same ritual, I would advise against it. The ritual is set up a specific way for a reason, and changing the spirit would throw the energy of the whole thing off, short circuiting it all.

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No, I wouldn’t just substitute the spirits for the same rituals. I would do something different. Have you ever worked with Ziku or Salas’ash? I had worked with Salas’ash a couple of times and he helped me with the money needed. How about Ziku? Thank you.

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Yes, I have worked with both.

If you want a demonic version of the cashbook, I recommend picking up a copy of S. Connolly’s Book of Agares. It details the creation of what is essentially a “wishing” book. The ritual she gives is for making it an all purpose book, but she specifically states that you can adapt it to specific desires, like a money book or a cursing book.