Creating a curse against curse mongers?

Specifically a curse to detect the senders, and force them to get over whatever caused them to curse someone in the first place?
How to create such a curse?
What deities, correspondences to use, time or day to put it to use?
The downside is that there might be a spike in people whining that there curses arent working.




Probably would be very difficult to do and see it work. Even more difficult to even see whether it worked or not. You would be contending with lots of negative energy. Plus, if any magicians detected that someone was getting in the way of their curse, they would fuck your shit up. Interesting idea though man.


“Curse mongers” and “curse senders” are not the same thing.

It is possible in some cases to work on the senders of a curse and have them move on.

However, “curse mongers”- that is to say, effective hexers which attack usually more than one target at once- that are worth their weight know how to trace, deflect, and absorb most kinds of curses.

That is a recipe for magical war.