Creating a Cemetery

So I don’t have a convenient cemetery near me for ritual work, the ones close by are either large and always busy or in the middle of a neighborhood surrounded by houses. Thus I was wondering, could I buy human bones, create a designated spot to put them, and effectively create my own cemetery? Would this work for the death ritual work that necromancy requires?

that would be interesting

You can buy both bones and gadavers on the web. Alternatively you could just take from the cemetary at night

I think this is a very interesting concept. I would personally be wary about interring bones of the dead (strangers anyway) in any old patch of dirt… Intuitively I feel that a certain spiritual respect and dignity is given to graveyards and cemeteries by society a definite demarcation of them as a sacred and moroseful place.

Just taking a corpse, and it’s bones and burying it in a place where it will be walked over, maybe even pissed on by animals and Eventu ally discarded sets of a red flag for me personally. Even back when folks buried family on the ancestral farm, there was always a plot of land just for that purpose that was paid great respect. (In the middle of the USA you can drive through the prairies and see houses with trees growing from them that must be centuries old, with old fashioned gravea not to far away.)

I would go carefully gather some graveyard dirt and make due with that.

I totally get what you’re saying with the red flags, but if we did do this it would be effectively creating our own cemetery. I’m not suggesting burying them in the middle of the woods, we’d be making a sacred spot for the remains. Somewhere where the death essence and dead shades can gather. It’s a thought I had.

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For this idea to really work effectively you need to know what kind of person the bones belong to. Example, if you gather the bones of a murder or a mentally disturbed person you will seriously put your life in danger. If you gathered the bones of someone who died of cancer or any other similar illness you are also bringing that essence into your life.

Depending on the type of work you plan on doing with these spirit and the type of skill you have as a necromancer you will have an instrument of power.

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I’ve actually done this before, in my early days of practice.

If anyone is interested in setting one up, I’ve found that Supay, the Incan god of death, is excellent in assisting with both creation and maintenance of the cemetery.


So Velotak, how did doing this work for you? What did you do to prepare this space?

Sounds interesting. Have you thought about contacting Hekate? See if she can guide some of the dead to work with you in your backyard ? Or make mark off an area where you can put certain items of dead people for them to be around or even live ? That could be a working cemetery for you.

Well, since this was in my early days it easily became a health hazard due to an accumulation of death that I couldn’t control, so I destroyed it.

However, while active, the cemetery not only made communication with death-based entities easier, it seemed that every curse I cast hit hard and fast. With each drop of blood shed, it seemed to grow in power and hunger. That was the main reason I was forced to get rid of it: I came within seconds of getting obliterated by a speeding automobile, for the sake of shedding more blood.

What did you do to prepare this space?

I dug a large hole in my backyard, I’d say about five feet in diameter and ten feet deep. Living in a rural area with a sizable amount of property and the nearest neighbor being a quarter or so of a mile away, this was, labor and time aside, easy to accomplish: I hid the hole near some trees.

Living near farms, it was easy for me to acquire chicken and pig bones. I gathered the femurs, ribs, and skulls of three chickens and one pig, and laid them out in a ceremonial fashion in the hole. I later came across an entire rat’s skeleton, which I proceeded to also add in the hole. I prayed over the bones for the resting of their spirits and for their power to be released. It was, and I proceeded to bind their power to their bones, in order to create primal death talismans.

I took a cup of graveyard dirt from the local cemetery (it didn’t have a gate, much less a guard) at midnight on a new moon, when the Sun and Moon were astrologically in Scorpio. I made a thin layer over the bones, and performed a ritual in order to activate the cemetery and to tie it to my will. Then, I refilled the hole and on top of it, placed a shaded wooden cross as a grave marker.

The cemetery was powerful, however at such a young stage in my magical career I couldn’t handle or check that kind of power. After almost becoming a gelatinous stew of meat and bone and blood, I dug the hole back up, banished the energies and spirits, and burned the wooden cross.

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What i did when i made my initiatorial pact with lucifuge rofocal in my necromancy path i used the bones of dead animals that died naturally and made a circle with them in my temple to better channel and adjust to the energies of death and used a femur bone of a deer and nailed a coffin nail into it as a focusing focal point for the death energies to be called upon and put it on my altar and sprinkled grave dirt on the altar to fully dedicate the altar to him it works wonderfully since i don’t live near a cemetery and lucifuge seems to enjoy the energy the altar gives off.

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