Creating a “balanced” curse

Hello all,
I am interested in working with Saturn for baneful Magick against people who are just flat out nasty, careless and dismissive of others. I have done my absolute best in removing negative people and energy from MY life but these individuals work with my husband and continuously abuse and disrespect all the employees, including my husband.

To make a long story short, there are a bunch of executive bullies that steal money from the company, don’t pay staff on time and don’t pay staff the right amount of money (always messing up their paychecks and paying them less than they earned). These folks are simply taking advantage of hardworking underprivileged, and in some cases, undocumented workers.

My husband is constantly fighting for his staff. He breaks “rules” and ignores orders to abuse his workers and he does the best that he can to make sure he treats his workers with respect even though the executives of this company instruct him to do the opposite. We have been looking into other employment options but the staff really loves my husband and he loves them. It would be emotionally devastating for him to leave. But even beyond that, this has been our experience for the last decade and I feel like we need to stop running. Literally EVERYWHERE my husband works we continue to see a pattern of abusive ownership. I am now feeling like there is a calling here to purge these filthy individuals from their positions of power.

I want to use Saturn energy to take everyone out! But I want to direct the energy to effect each target in ways that allow for a LESSON to be learned. I don’t want them to just be hurt or removed, I want them to KNOW what they did and I want them to somehow understand they are being punished according to (and in ratio with) their wrongdoings. There are total assholes who don’t give a shit about others that run this company, but there is also executive staff members who are simply complying because they are being bullied into mistreating others. Personally I feel their lessons and levels of distruction should echo their heart’s weight! Is there a way to punish people according to their own internal balance of good/evil and in that punishment how can I force them to be aware that the destruction is a result of their bad behavior. I don’t want them thinking it’s just some bad luck. I want them to learn!

I am thinking about using Gra aht talion or kiltan of the nethers to implant the right thoughts in their heads while directing Saturn to send lessons into their lives according to the pureness of their heart chakra energy.

Does this make sense? Any alternate suggestions?


● You could use the Justice Tarot card so every person that deserves a curse gets their appropriate lesson. A type of “Karmic” thing

● You could get specific names and use those only

● You could evoke the Powers of Darkness and Proclaim general retribution for those who are fucking with your husband and his staff

● You could curse the shit outta the boss, get him fired, and get your husband the promotion to “Boss” position

● You can straight up kill the fucker.

● You can do All the above :joy::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

You can get a 6 pointed Star and put Saturns planetary Symbol in the Center and the Other 6 Planets at each point of the star and curse that way. That makes for a extremely balanced curse.

It filters Saturns energy through all the Planets so every person gets an appropriate taste.


This is where KARMA is used as a weapon in its appropriate place @Ziana. Contact an Entity named Lord Yama. He rules over Karma and re incarnation in general.

Talk to him about the situation.
One more note. Karma is not a guarantee way to get revenge on someone. It isnt always on time or accurate. People get away with shit all the time. See what I mean?

Thats why we have Black Magic :smiling_imp:


Thank you soooo much!!! I will look into your suggestions! I am at the point where I feel like “Karma” is all about what an individual believes they deserve (good and bad). I am actually willing to accept this as the energy current to build upon because I want people who KNOW they are doing wrong to get what they KNOW they deserve! They can’t escape punishment if they know deep inside they deserve it. They will be working with me without even knowing it because they already expect bad things to happen to them. This is great energetic gateway to tap into and quicken their inevitable punishments.

The others who do bad things and actually feel justified is a whole other story. These individuals are mentally unbalanced sociopaths and narcissists who simply need to be killed in my opinion. They won’t learn or evolve. They have no guilt. They just need to go! Food for the Gods is what I consider them… I know people like this and will start working with spirit to address them soon enough. This is where complete and utter Black Magick is properly placed in my opinion, but for dumb asses that just need a little dark light to learn from… well, let’s just say I am starting with them first, using a balanced approach to slowly step into the darkness and hone my Black Magick skills. I am a Leo Sun sign with an Aries Moon. Fire and war are deeply embedded in my essence, so much so that I have caused some serious physical damage to others I’m moments of rage. I don’t want to jump too quickly into pure baneful stuff because I truly fear I will become a bloodthirsty revenge seeking fiend, lol. Luckily I have Libra as my Rising sign!!

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