Creating 6 sigilic keys of light

In the video of the ritual he did for the black sun covenant ( he said that 6 sigilic seeds of light need to be created, and empowered. Does he mean that we create our own from scratch or use the ones from the grimoire of Lucifer-Amaymon and empower them? And how do we empower them?


I was wondering the same thing myself

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Bumping this to hopefully get an answer. I know I’m not the only one who was in the covenant. What did everyone else do? Im in the process of empowering the ones in the book. I figured it would make more sense for everyone to empower the same ones than spread out that power. But I don’t know and want to make sure I did it right.

Also having trouble rewatching the video due to computer problems

Yes you empower the ones from the book, sorry if this is late.


It really does not matter whether or not you use the ones in the book or create your own. The point of the sigillic seeds is to look into the concept by the ones suggested and then start creating your own.

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The entire process of empowerment really relies on the process of getting them out there… Spreading them. If you have taken part in the Covenant then just spread six sigils to effect greater change. Lucifer-Amaymon is waiting. :wink:

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