Created Astral Realities

Once we are powerful and knowledgable enough, how difficult would it be to create our own virtual reality/kingdom in the astral? For instance, say I like a fairy tale/TV series/time period of old, can I recreate it on the astral plane and fill it with my own creations that will act independently but within a certain set of guidelines?

For example, say I like Lord of the rings or something, can I create that landscape, and have orcs and elves in it who would act according to how they are in the books/movies? Could I then implant myself into it and become a character or a God of that reality… just for fun and as a side experiment?

The ultimate virtual reality game?

isnt an astral temple kind of like a mini version of this?

If your astral and visualization skills are up to it give it a try. If nothing else it’s fun to try. People create servitors, thought forms, egregores etc I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same. I think it would be a collective conciousness type of world as it would be very time consuming and draining to create each individual with its own individual persona, as opposed to creating each individual realm of entities with generalized personality traits. For the example you gave orcs would be a sinister race with the personality traits you associate with that type of personality while elves/hobbits would be more benevolent. Other astral entities may try to include themselves and draw power from it and change the traits of what you create. A lot of possibilities to be experienced, if you decide to try please keep us up to date.

Brutus, it’s funny you me mention this. I’ve been wondering about this exact thing for a while now. When I’m advanced enough, I plan on getting an entity to teach or perhaps help me. Sorry I can’t offer any advice but I do hope it works out for you. Remember, “and nothing shall be impossible to you.”

Brutus: Where do you think you are right now?

Redcircle: I’m on the physical plane of existence, experiencing life in a body. I get that I am a multi-dimensional being and have energetic bodies on all planes simultaneously. But my waking consciousness is here and now.

But, yes. I think you are saying that physical life with all its experiences and trials and joys is also entirely created by us. I agree. Most people don’t know this and are creating shitty existences through continual negative thinking, and what EA says about the law of reversed effort is in line with what Im reading at the moment. I’m just really learning about this.

I’m not so much interested in making a kingdom where others can go to, just my own area for creation and fun. I think its definitely possible because we pretty much do this when we dream. In fact, learning to lucid dream and holding that lucid state for a while would be the next best thing.

There is actually some debate whether lucid dreaming is actually a projection into the mental plane.

Hehe, I was just teasing you with my rhetorical question but yea - you are on a reality in the astral plane created by consciousness. So to more directly answer, yes, since we are on such a plane, it must be possible to create others.

Lucid dreaming, as a beginning situation, is probably more of an “illusion”-based reality rather than “concrete”. However, when we are talking about shamanism, where the exploration of working of dreams takes on a great dimension, then what happens in the dream world, and the work accomplished there, takes more importance on our ability to work with the whole of reality in general. This is what Carlos Casteneda wrote all his books about, but this is something that is shared in a lot of these cultures.

Creating astral realms is something that can be done not only through explicit astral projection, but can be done through lucid dreaming. This is, of course, if you take lucid dreaming and it permeability through reality as a launching pad for magic in general. In a lot of things about astral work, we see people making the sure to draw a fine line between the astral realms, dreaming realms, and our current realm. However, it’s my will to actually bridge these, creating objects, entities, plants and even beasts who’s origin points exist in another realm, yet have full translation of their attributes into this realm.