Crazy theory (it might be our fault)

ok, you’re gonna need to open your mind wide for this one. its been floating around in my head for some time now.

what if all the massive earthquakes and superstorms going around our planet right now are not the cause of global warming. what if its all our fault?

i dont mean that we the occult community actively tried to cause such devastation, but rather its the earth itself reacting to so many if us awakening.

think about it, there is a massive energetic reaction going on within the bodies of magicians around the world. it would only follow the laws of science that there would be a reaction in our environment, especially since we arent controlling such a reaction. and the fact that so many of us are rewriting reality on a daily basis.

i dont know if this is true or not but its a theory that demands at least a second thought.

what do you guys think about this possibility?

what do you guys think about this possibility?

Its a theory that you would need to provide more evidence for. At best, all I see is dubious correlation, and I say dubious because I would strongly disagree that there is some mass awakening going on, anywhere. Thats been a persistent theory tossed around heavily for at least the last 30 years, and to a lesser degree, the last 50 (and could even be said to go farther).

The thing is, your theory is trying to supplant another one that is extremely well founded already. Climate is something I pay very close attention to, and the climate change thats going on is 100% verifiably the effect of a changing atmospheric chemistry (sans earthquakes).

The evidence is so stacked with direct links, that its to the point where if someone denies climate change, they are not a climate change denier, they are a science, logic, mathematics, and causation denier.

So Im just saying youll need to provide some incredible, direct evidence of your theory that does a better job of explaining circumstances than the current one does for it to be considerable, IMO.