Crazy scanning experience

I’ve been helping a friend with a third party situation and agreed to scan the tp. Long story short, the other girls energy is very dense and I saw a shadowy figure starting at me. Ignored the warning and went in. I gathered information before her guide who mind you is an extremely powerful Hindu Goddess showed up and seemed furious. My Guides showed up too but rather than having a fight, she and I spoke normally and she was quite polite and told us that the girl is really misguided and ignores her guidance and offered me a solution for my friend which I gave to her. Said Goddess also warned me not to go pocking around in others energy fields without permission because there are things that will fuck me up.

Moral of the story? Consent is important and being polite can get you far with Spirits. Like many wise Mages have said, there are bigger fish and I’m thankful to my Guides for having my back.


This is why I won’t do readings on “how’s my work going with this entity”. None of my business :wave:


Yeah I feel you. I refrain from this because some Spirits have energies that don’t agree with everyone and that influence can be dangerous.


Sometimes, the simplest requests can unpack a huge amount of work that needs to be done by the mage, this is why you guys won’t see me in the scanning threads, in fact I barely ever even offer readings (many of you Regulars now know why) because the smallest things often escalate into something bigger. :thinking:

Wise words.


The same reason I won’t offer readings just like that, I just don’t know what kind of hornets nest I am shaking up by accident (and you know how messengers have been treated by history time and time again, ha).


This is the best way to describe Magick in general and I always wondered why you were never around on the scanning threads :thinking:. I’ve decided that if it escalates, my friend will be on her own. No relationship is worth conflict with forces beyond human control.

Reminds me of 300 and those Persian messagers being kicked into a well or made into motar XD


Kali Maa?


me too

I only scan without permission when I’m insanely interested in the person’s vibes, which is rare for someone to really stand out for me.

Albeit the permission thing is based mostly around capability of asking or not and I haven’t scanned without permission in about 3 years lol, in which was a decent experience lol.

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Nah. I don’t know if I’m permitted to state the deity but she’s one of Parvati’s darkest aspects.

I do it to build experience. It also helps to know if someone is trouble or not.

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Very good warning about not interfering and taking permission. I have to do a mental scan on a person without her permission because I knew she lie a lot about herself. To avoid problems with her spirit guide, I projected to her from the akasha and then the guide saw my opinion from a divine perspective.

Went back through the akasha so that I am not followed.

And when I told the girl about her few secrets, she was angry … We were permanently separated.

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Very good technique :ok_hand:t3:

Why would “scanning” without permission be an issue? It isnt intrusive unless you push in way deep and then idk if I would call that a scan anymore. Its basically just like using your eyes, if they dont wanna be seen they should hide.

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Well some people’s guides aren’t likely to be friendly when it comes to people randomly scanning their practioner.

I do think I scanned a bit too deep though.

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Again I just dont understand. Its just like looking at someone for me, how is that intrusive? If people dont want to be seen they should take the steps to make that happen.

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Well to be fair, there was kind of a strong rivalry between my friend and this girl so maybe her guide saw me as some kind of spy or potentially an attacker :thinking:

lol it’s not “just looking” an accurate scan is going into their energy and pulling out details that can be perceived with one or more of the clairs, or further to read their soul/core essence. It takes time and energy.

Many people don’t know how to shield and even then some scanners also don’t really double check to see accuracy.


Yes and no. I dont wanna argue semantics though and thats where I feel this is heading. I can just “look” and see the energy. Just like I can just look and see a lamp. I dont need to “pull” what is freely given. Most things are reflective to some degree and if there is light we can see the object (be it a lamp, a chair, or my hand).

While its true I must look into them its their own light which permits me to see.

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Not really arguing, I’ve been scanning for many years and scanning is literally pulling information from the individual. Many people can speak for my scanning and what I mean which is why I speak so closely on the subject of scanning. “Just looking” is akin to saying “oh I see you have skin” with your plain eyes, but a legitmate scan is basically gaining under the skin detail, symbolic or other.


I understand what you’re saying just trying not to get sucked into a debate on whether looking into a persons body is still “just looking” or not lol. Im approaching this from a different angle.

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