Crazy question!

If I ask a spirit that wants a relationship with me to possess a certain person. Will that work?

If they want to sure, but possession if permanent is asking the entity to give up their current life to in a way be “reincarnated” into that person. However, if temporary then they can come and go as they please.

There’s also to tak in that some people have passive shielding or guardians that would possibly not allow this without permission from the one being possessed.

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I gave permission but no possession. just cannot go deep enough into trance.

It will be hard. if they are not connected to the person’s bodily energy, it would be difficult for them to possess that person. One thing you could do is give a link to that person, or if you have their blood you could use it to connect to their energy to make it go better

Not everyone is you remember just because you can’t achieve it doesn’t mean someone else can’t, besides you gave your body up to an entity you heard of from some random user not from your own gnosis.

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My husband used to get mostly possessed during sex until I got pregnant.

It was all open.

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Spirits possess people all the time without them being willing.

Have you asked the spirit if they want to do this?

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While it is true, it can also be detrimental.

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