Crazy question

Is there a demon, god/dess, or being fond of lettuce and light purple candles?

The planet uniting lettuce and light purple may be Mars. So a god is Mars himself, some demons are Abigor, Flauros, Lerajie, Marchosias and Sabnack.

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I would have never associated lettuce with Mars be it the planet or the deity

sabnock likes cake like really likes cake i gave cake for an offering and i had two one for me n him…they were both stail n hard by the time i was about to eat mine…they were just freshly made to…carrot cake. idk if marchosias likes lettuce tho i work with both of them he might like a steak or something lol


Yes, lettuce is essentially Moon (also a bit Neptune). The Mars correspondence is secondary.

lol i think ill try it as an offering once just to see smh