Crazy mini possession dream?

Hey, I’m still thinking of what I’ve experienced last night, Idc if you can enlighten me about that

All of a sudden I was laying on my bed, levitating on the air but I can’t move, and I felt a huge pressure and both arms, like energy or power flowing through my hands, then arms and my body
I was shaking too but I felt serein, and I felt a pressure or weird sensation on all of my head

My reaction in my brain “wtf I’m probably being possessed by the spirit that I tried to invoke”
Then I was like accepting it
And in my head I think immediatly “King Paimon” many times, and then the dream stopped
I don’t think it was my subconscious who triked me with just my imagination, it was so intense
It’s not the spirit that I try to work with but he’s in the 3 entities that I had a few little dreams about in the last 3 months


I’ve had a few experiences like this.