Crazy Meditation Experience

Hey there!
I feel like I have to share this crazy experience I had a few moments ago.
I recently got myself a copy of the book Works of Darkness, by E.A Koetting
And well, I tried the darkness meditation which is the introduction to working with the powers of the darkness.

At first, it was pretty normal. I started by relaxing and then visualizing my room.
I think I can’t go into much detail about how this meditation works but essentially is about visualizing darkness and getting used to it.

So basically, I started getting used to this darkness, letting it enter my soul.
The first 5 minutes were nothing crazy, just the normal thing, you visualize, and then you try to feel what you’re visualizing. Which in my case was the darkness entering me, and I was about to end the meditation at that point. But I decided to let it continue for a bit, and well, it was a really good decision in the end. I don’t really have clairaudience developed, this is the reason I was pleasantly surprised when I started hearing whispers, I couldn’t make out what they were saying but I heard them, then I started feeling like I was floating and I saw a face that looked like it was screaming.

For a moment, it looked like I was experiencing the darkness fully tempting me into the insanity that it represents at times, and it was amazing.

If you reading this have the Works Of Darkness book, what were your experiences doing the darkness meditation? (the second one specifically, where you let the darkness inside of you)
I would be very glad to read them! :grin:


Sounds like this is when personal equilibrium is needed to avoid insanity.

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I think your clairaudiance is opened,you will hear spirits clearly pretty soon,I had thst too before my opening,congratulations!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot!
That is AMAZING! :grin::grin: