Crazy Halloween idea

So generally, as a person who lives on his own in an apartment, I don’t really put up decorations or anything for Halloween. This year, I’m thinking about going outside in full robes and doing a ritual in plain sight of the masses. I feel like Halloween is the only day of the year where one can get away with it, and I think it’d be absolutely hysterical.


Except for kids coming up to you asking for candy IMO only reason I’m happy I love in the country lol

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Also make sure to sacrifice a goat muggles love that one


When I say full ritual, I mean with fire and candles and blood and everything. I could easily come up with some insanely over-the-top but entirely functional ritual.


No wait get two one for yahway and one for Azazel show them how nice you are by releasing an angry goat into the neighborhood XD

Just dont sacrifice anyone important and you’ll be golden :ok_hand::sunglasses: Cool idea in all seriousness. I’m just going to a bar dressed as a witch…using ritual garments…and probably straight after doing a ritual in the woods near here


I will just celebrate Halloween by myself, in my house, cause it’s not a thing in my country :joy:

Rides her broom to the lands far far away where people celebrate Halloween


Technically not a thing in mine either. Still gives me an excuse to dress up and get drunk.:sunglasses:


Ahahahaha then should be the other way around! First get drunk, then dress up, then whomever asks just say you’re drunk LOL


I think I’m going to do a variation of the Headless Rite, but with the archangels of the quarters and some HGA shenanigans.


Film this!

Maybe I will.


Halloween is my favorite time of year. If you come to the U.S. I am inviting you to stay with me around Halloween, we would celebrate in style!


Don’t tempt me…! :sob:


Do it!!! I’m going hella extra all October.

Unfortenetely I don´t celebrate Halloween but I guess I´m going to do a ritual with angelic forces to heal my physical damages caused by necromancy.

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Can you elaborate more ? I want to get more info necromancy, but I really don’t know… physical wounds ?

You have to understand something about necromancy, practising it can cause physical damage with some people and it can detetiorate your body if you you get too much of the death energy in you. When dealing with death energies, you are intertwining your essence of life into the essence of death becoming one with it. You are essentially welcoming death into your life and your body, and if it gets out of control your body and possibly even thee mind suffers from it. Good examples of this is that the moment you raise your look from the book that you were reading and think``I´m interested in the idea of eating human eye balls´´, you can say for certain that necromancy has affected you to be little insane and it always happens to necromancers at some point. You just can´t avoid it.

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It kinda is, death is a powerfull force but working with it yields even more blessings than curses.

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