Crazy Azazel/Lilith live manifestation

Anyone that follows me knows I’m close with Lilith, Lucifer and King Belial. Someone did a scan on me the other day and said they saw/sensed Azazel around me and that he may have had something for me. They also said Lilith wanted to reach me on the next full moon. I kinda blew that off.

Yesterday morning, I evoked Lilith simple convo about who I really am. She told me to get ahold of Belthezor, Belphegor and Baphomet. Of these 3 demons, I’m yet to contact Belthezor. I’m cautious about that. She insinuated these 3 are brothers and I may be their sister. Again, IDK.

Around 2.45am this morning, I was having a late dinner. I’d worked late the previous night. As I sat at my dining table, dim light, i noticed what seemed to look like smoke blowing in front of me. It kinda had an ocean breeze kinda feel. I then saw 2 red dots on the chair. When I asked who it was, it said, “azazel” i did a banishing but that spirit didn’t leave. He said he was assigned to protect me. At that time he showed up, I was thinking of how to get my boss back for beibg a piece of sht the previous day. He was ready to go to work on that for me. I didn’t take him up on the offer. I had a bad headache during this time in my 3rd eye area. I don’t believe it’s open yet. My dining room chair became a mirror to see spirits. Is anyone here that works with Azazel able to share their thoughts on this? @Micah… any thoughts on this?


Yes!!! AZAZEL + LILITH!!! Hell yeah!!! That’s the ticket!!! He’s the only one she can get down with, if you know her. There’s a long-forgotten reason…basically unknown in literature…one can only learn it through walking in the dark with them. True love…true respect…ride or die…gangstas!!!


Funny u replied to this today. I made a pact with Azazel this morning.

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