Crazy Ass Ascention Ritual

I want to participate in that crazy ass “lake of fire” ascention ritual EA did (the one with the melting concrete floor and possession). You guys want to organize one?

I was actually looking to do this Ritual as well. Azazel led me to it.

That sounds like a ball. :slight_smile: And your thoughts are?..

Are you asking moi? If so, well its something I have to go through with. I asked Azazel to help me ascend my throne above the stars of God, and that’s what he told me to start with… .that ritual is the start.

So now, I have to study it. I was intrigued by the writing of it in the Book of Azazel. “Its kind of a Crooked Baptism” quote from BOA.

Well, we’ve got three people! Any more takers? I bought the Book of Azazel and could probably reproduce it now, with a little help…

Let’s rock brothers

if the ritual is still being planned near pensacola fl id love to joinn i spoke with amaymon and abaddon today and with each spirit i speak with they keep telling me all will be shown to you and provided