Craziest experiences with Astral Projection

Hey guys… I would love to read your stories about one the craziest experiences and moments when you’ve astral projected. Whether it was scary, fun or plain out weird feel free to share this under this post.

Thank you



Ok, Hi…Adam here. I will share a couple…One may not be considered Astral Projection…but I still consider it projection as Astral is a term very loosely used.

  1. I was half asleep…then I was suddenly RIPPED out of my body by an Elderly witch. This was at a time when I journey’d to Florida and got involved with witches and whatever cult they were in at the time. When I exited it was somewhat violently forceful as I was sucked out by a Tornado that carried me up in the sky swiftly and towards her house. I know it was her, because the experience also heightened my awareness similar to a Lucid dream but not quite as I was aware of having 2 Bodies.

  2. I was Dreaming then suddenly became very Lucid in one of the low vibrational world of horrors. The scenery was very similar to many I would encounter later. Anyway, I encountered a Horrible been my first time…or rather I used my extra sensory ability in this dream state to see around many corners of Rubble and Ruins and seeing it spooked me. I had woken up on a sleeping mat in some abandoned ruins of a building…I layed on that same Mat and strangely found myself being aware of my 2nd Body laying Asleep and I willed myself to wake up in it.

I didnt fully consider this a lucid dream because it seems to be a reoccurent theme where I exist as Two Bodies and I am always naturally crossing from dream to lucid to other. When I say two bodies its an awareness of 2 energy forms and not a mere physical body when projecting.