I know this is going to sound strange but I have always thought that a panda would taste delicious. There is absolutely no mundane ways to obtain a Panda so I have to revert to occult. Any ideas on how I could obtain a Panda?


there’s a super neat little kit you can buy from Japan. It contains the ingredients needed to make a Panda cookie. Looks just like the real thing but tastes terrible.

Not helpful to your cause… but still. Panda cookie!


I am sure china sells it


Got that angle covered


BAHAHAHAHAHA EPIC… I wonder if they are greasy like other bear meat???


Probably not considering they only eat bamboo


but then again, Andy Panda may be.


Bahahaha! I saw your craigslist add. How do you suppose they would ship one past boarder security? Anyway, you’d probably have more luck turning yourself invisible and breaking into the local zoo.


My local zoo doesn’t have pandas unfortunately or I would definitely be grilling up a few panda steaks right now. They would probably overnight the thing so border patrol wouldn’t have time to check it.


Hey Necro! I think the Birmingham (AL) zoo has pandas… :wink: Z


That’s like three hours lol my luck there would be a road block coming back and they would be looking for a panda.


Criminal Mastermind Guidebook Rule No. 23 - Once you openly express your desire to commit a particular crime on the internet, you can never actually fucking do it ever.


Yea I will have to find another way.


Go to a restaurant that sells exotic meats.


I have looked everywhere.


Necromaster is there any of societies taboos you don’t espouse lol…I bet you have fried kittens on toast for Sunday breakfast. ( on second thought don’t answer that!)


I have grilled a cat before but it was not for breakfast and it wasn’t that great. It had hardly any meat at all. Also I never eat breakfast, I don’t like 90% of breakfast foods Anne frankly I eat almost all meat… as for the taboos I enjoy breaking them.



Dude grilled Tom cat sounds disgusting! I would probably eat my own shit before I ate a filthy fucking cat. Lol


LOL Necromaster your posts on pandas and grilled cats reminded me of a passage from the book “The Beach”:
“We had dog noodles… (…)said Sammy. Tasted like chicken. All those things…dog, lizard, frog, snake. They always taste like chicken”.

Fuck Leonardo Di Caprio…I hated the movie, but loved the book.