Crafting Quality Sigils

I just wanted to ask all of you fine sorcerers and sorceresses about the methods you use when crafting your sigils for your work. The actual crafting of the sigil, whether you draw it, paint it, carve it, burn it, etc.

I want to know your creative process when creating a new sigil, especially those really intricate sigils.
Do you utilize graphed or tracing paper then transfer to another sheet? Do you use a light table? Do you create yours digitally? Do you print them?

Tell me your secrets!


The methods are vast and numerous I generally do the old school all letters but vowels and make a sigil some channel the entity and ask them to influence a sigil

But IMO as long as your intent is there anyway imaginable works


I’m actually wondering more about the actual creative process, like how you draw it or paint it. Your methods of actually bringing the sigil into the physical.

Like, if you were to be creating an altar dedicated to Belial, and you wanted to have Belial’s sigil as a permanent altar piece, how you personally go about designing and creating the sigil.

Why did you have to mention belial Smh I’m on bad terms with him lol

But if you are doing something like that I personally if I had the tools I would carve it into wood sand blasted polished the whole nine yards since he is a spirit connected to the root chakra

If it was to say… Paimon I would do my best to get something gold or expensive to put it on if that makes since

If I’m still not understanding your question I apologize woke up not to long ago


That answers it perfectly :slight_smile: I basically just want people to show the different methods they use when creating quality crafted sigils. I usually just draw mine on a piece of paper, but I want to start creating sigils with more skill and time and dedication.

I love that idea for Belial’s sigil, though. Beautiful idea.

Do you carve many sigils? What Demons/Deities/Spirits have you crafted more permanent sigils for and how did you make them?

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I have never done so, I’m the kind of person that gets an idea… then stops as soon as I get bored lol

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I can be that way, too, so I’m motivating myself to “get serious” and form a sort of structure that is lacking in my life and practice.

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But defiantly give it a try practice widdeling create some figures out of wood (you can also use these to hold the spirits energy and or use them as fetishists)

when you feel confident try and make a sigil on one I want to say it doesn’t need to be perfect you are putting a lot of energy into it most spirits would definitely be proud of you for doing it

since your like me belial would defiantly appreciate it it shows him you are willing to go the extra mile that’s one of his biggies

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Exactly what I was thinking <3 Taking the time and spending the energy to create something like that is a very strong statement of dedication.

I would love to get a wood burning kit, too.

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Defiantly my cousin burns signs but he’s a Christian so I can’t really ask him to make me one lol

I do a lot of different methods. Wood burning, painting (I recently posted a watercolor sigil of Lucifer painting in the art thread) , and carving. Woodburning is actually really easy and not expensive. You can get a basic burning kit for about 15 bucks, and wood plaques at craft stores can be gotten for only a dollar or two each. If I burn or carve one I usually finish it with a colored stain. Or if you go the painting route you can put a base color down and draw the sigil with a paint pen.


Oh ok, so for a permanent altar piece, I’d follow planetary correspondences. Like RiseorDie said, the spirit will have correspondences like certain plants, metals, colors, etc. I’d tailor my sigil to that.
At first I thought you were talking about sigil magick utilizing the subconscious mind, e.g. writing a statement of intent, removing the vowels, and creating a symbol with the consonants. In that case I draw it on parchment paper and after a couple weeks when I’ve forgotten its meaning I’ll take it out and send it out, and then burn it.

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I make mine from the white clay, carve a sigil with the knife, when the stamp is dry, I colour it. Easy and efficient :slight_smile:


I’m a terrible artist, so what I usually do is open the sigil on my laptop, cut a 6"×6" square of white printer paper and tape it to my laptop screen, then trace the sigil onto the square in pencil. Once that’s done I move the square off my screen and proceed to trace over the pencil lines with the appropriate color of sharpie that matches the spirit I’m trying to contact. You can also trace over that with your own blood for extra oomph.


Well if it’s only for a rite I like use dry erase markers on a mirror just wipe clean after banish
Now more permeate one’s I use a wood plack from hobby lobby dremeal and Woodburn sigial stain in color associate with spirt
As to making it fancy use gold leafing sell it at hobby lobby as well
If mess up don’t worry little sanding normally fix

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It would be interesting to develop inside Blender 3D versions of grimoire/chaos/RoseCross sigils, or others like this (except the underlying black letters):
And even more to build the resulting sigils so to have, in that example, a cube with equal faces and an internal complex structure… indeed… but probably a powerful item as well.

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I like that idea. I’m not familiar with Blender 3D. I’ll have to check it out.


I usally use a cup trace around the cup to make a near perfect circle. Draw another circle beside that one in the inside and flip the cup on the bottom for the circle in the middle of the sigil where the actually sigil is and i use pen. If its not paper like wood or a skull ill use a razor blade.

Well as of crafting it, I’d go into “the zone”. I’d focus on my intention for that peice, it’s representation, etc, allowing that intention to flow into the object, taking my time in crafting it. Then consecrate and employ.