Craft Project : My First Pyramid

I wanted to try out making a pyramid with the same proportions as the Great Pyramid at Giza, to test the alleged healing properties of these specific ratios for myself (the real thing actually has eight sides, something I might try out later).

I found an illustration online showing that the base was 440 cubits across, and (going up the wall, which will be my sheet of card) the height from base to point was 356 cubits.

I translated this, for the sake of simplicity, into 22 centimetres and 17.8 centimetres* which was the most convenient size for A4 card.

And I chose white card, because the original design of the Great Pyramid was clad in stone that would have shone white under the Egyptian sun.

First, I measured 22cm along the longest edge for the base, then 17.8cm up the short side to mark (A) where the apex would go, using a very sharp and hard pencil.

Then, using a set-square to align the ruler, I made another mark (B) 17.8cm up further along the paper.

These are shown in red, and exaggerated width, below.

I placed my ruler level across the two 17.8cm marks and drew a line across, shown in yellow.

Then, I carefully marked the exact position of 11cm along © which would be where the apex of my pyramid’s side would go.

Finally I drew two lines, as shown in blue, to turn my 22cm base & apex into a triangle.

Once I had this marked, I made 3 more.

Then, using sharp scissors, I cut them out, adding in a kind of lip that was about 0.75cm wide to each side (I should have made this slightly wider for stability). I didn’t bother using a ruler for this, but it would have looked neater inside if I had.

Once I had my triangles cut out, I removed the top and bottom sections of each of the added lips so they wouldn’t prevent the pyramid from sitting flat, nor foul the precision of the apex.

I carefully folded the lips over, following the original construction lines which had dented the paper, and then glued the whole thing together with the lips joining it on the inside.

It worked! :slight_smile:

I found that, for added stability, I needed additional strips glued over the joins, I made sure to fold those very acutely before fixing them on to keep the corners nice and sharp.

The edges of the paper I had left over, with an A4 sheet being 21cm across the shorter side, were perfect for this - scaled down, the length of the join is 20.9cm, so that was really neat.

The top has a slight gap, probably due to not having anything holding the 4 planes of paper together, and I’m going to fix that with some white self-adhesive labels soon.

And I used 160gsm card, which is far too flexible, but it was all I had handy.

So far, I’ve used this with some success on a flu-related headache, and also on my dog’s hips, which sometimes get a bit stiff and achey, and it appears to help slightly, but of course I can’t be certain - he seems to like it, anyway.

I’ve also been wearing it as a hat (get that image out your mind right now!) and the first night I did this, I had amazingly vivid dreams, and the next day someone on this forum e-mailed me something that related exactly to the content of the dreams. I can’t be sure the pyramid was behind it, but I’m going to continue playing with it for various things.

If nothing else, making it was a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

(* Don’t worry America!, You can safely use the metric system once in a while, without becoming a card-carrying marxist and giving away all your guns.

Trust me.


That’s cool. I’ve been wanting to make a clear pyramid with specific minerals inside. The materials to make it are not very cheap but my hold up right now is just finding the right minerals to go inside that are conducive to energy but still look pretty when mixed together.

Maybe you could make a pyramid from card and test them out, with dowsing and stuff? Or, another thing I thought of doing was making the frame with copper wire, or thin copper tubing, that might be a good way to test the conbinations without committing to sealing them in resin?

I want to try some Runes on the sides (horrible cultural mish-mash, I know) and maybe make a copper frame to keep crystals inside, there’s something about the pyramid I made, even thought it’s not perfect (especially after being worn as a hat!) that kind of draws the eye, it’s very pleasant to look at. :slight_smile:

Sorry Lady Eva but that’s so Blue Peter(ish).

Think big! Think Grand Designs! Have Kevin McCloud cooing over you minimalist Great Pyramid in your back garden.

Employ a couple of thousand assorted East European artisans on free vodka rations and it can all be built by next wednesday. To hell with the neighbours, to hell with planning permission…

To anyone not living in the UK please ignore this post:)

Copper is the most well known material for conducting energy and people have been known to construct personal use pyramids out of copper before. I’m sure you have a local craft store that sells pure copper wire? We have stores here that carry them by the spool. The piping would be cool, just wide enough to buy a few caps for the ends so you can stuff some crystals and herbs inside of the pipes and maybe use the small copper wire to connect the pipes together that way you can still easily access the end of the pipes to change out the inside materials on occasion.

I read some fascinating articles last summer on the use of pyramids, hanging them over top of your bed so you can attract more energy to yourself while lying down to meditate or astral travel but they do say that if you use pyramids to induce sleep (and apparently they can help you stay asleep and actually feel refreshed the next morning) that you should limit the pyramid to a certain size. The studies I read up on said that those who had a pyramid larger than 13" long on each side/axis they tend to have the opposite effect and can disrupt sleep patterns because they attract TOO much energy which is perfect for rituals and meditation, but not when you’re trying to sleep.

There is a website where you can order these custom made gigantic copper pyramids that suspend from your ceiling but the guy charges like $600 USD and up and he has a very long waiting list for buyers since they are made to order.