Court today / total win

Last night, I raised my adversarial Banner with Satan, I called Beelzebub to give me his Royal Regal Elegance, I had Belial working to make sure everything goes my way, and I had Vine handle putting up my defenses.

It was a blowout, they stopped the drug tests, moved everything another few steps forward, and now things are progressing at a much faster rate.

Sure, I could have put this under Spirit success, but this seemed like a better place to put it due to the fact that I am dealing with the law.

Hail Satan
Hail Belial
Hail Beelzebub
Hail Vine


Go Siconyte

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Hail and congratulations!

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Keep going at it.


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Update, last time we went, the judge was yelling at the social workers. I consider that to be a very positive sign.