Court dockets for someones "history"

What an interesting gem for a target.

I became curious as someone once awhile ago told me he was divorced. Turns out that was a huge lie. Fine, im cool with that. Im over that. I’ll deal with him soon. BUT!!!

I did turn up some interesting paper tail on well not only him, but his “wife”. Whom is a target of mine right now. Interesting the money troubles she has had in recent years…

In some cases i guess finding an old thorn, any thorn and putting that back in their lives could be “fun”.

Are you asking us a question ? Also why is his innocent wife to be harmed on his account ?

No not a question at all. Just something I discovered online. Learn lots about people.

Innocent??? Oh dear Gods and Demons no lol. Trust me far far far from it lol. I’ve known her my whole life pretty much. Plus i’m after her. Not him.

When I say “deal with him” I am not going to do anything to harm him in any way. Care too much about him really. But he’s played some head games with me and played with my feelings. So a little “here’s how it feels” upgraded a few times. That’s all.