I’ve been studying seems like forever.with no real success. Was really contemplating on your courses. I was wondering if you could tell me which one I should do first. Evocation, soul travel, divination, or black magic ?


Divination was released first if my memory serves me. That’s a good place to start.


Actually I’d recommend the OAA Course. It is a pathworking with combined and arranged exercises from his other books designed to function as a curriculum toward initiation. This would include everything from beginning meditation on focus and sensation, to scrying and divination, to evocation and Soul Travel. . . and then some other much more advanced things to be learned by spiritual Masters through soul travel alone.

The commentary on the O.A.A course is actually useful for an absolute beginner and provides a bit of insight with higher quality demonstrations than the evocation or soul travel course. But if you’ve already practiced ritual before and get the premises of the basics, the video course really has no use when you have a forum of this size with all its people at your wayside for advice.

So if you’ve already got the basic concepts in memory, don’t get the video commentary for fucking $200. Just get the OAA ebook along with Questing After Visions to get started on astral awareness and chakras exercises.


Start With Divination First As It Will Build a Solid Foundation For The Rest of The Work


Has anyone accessed any of these courses on their phone? I just ordered one but it never showed up in my online account. I’ll follow up with the help desk but wanted to know if anyone faced similar issues. Thanks!

Hello Ice Wolf. Welcome. What are you interested in learning about yourself ? What skills do you want to develop ? One I know these answers I can give a few suggestions.
Iya Samhain

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I was with eric today. First divination, then evocation, then soul travel. But you can do evocation first if you like. Soul travel for sure last.


Hey! Samhain.I would like some help.I want to learn how to soul travel,ive been practicing the joy of Satan astral projection but it seems i can’t project

Hi! Thank you for reaching out to me. I gotta be honest. Astral projection is not something I can teach in 5 minutes. I wish it was that simple.

I have some questions for you.
Not aware of the method you are speaking of. For I learned from childhood and then sesasoned up from a combination of Berkeley institute and the Modern mystery schools.

Also, EA. Has a Astral projection video series. Have you looked into this ?

Ok so here are my questions ?

Do you have a visualization technique ?
Do you have any experience in journey work ?
What are your dreams like ?
What does Astral Projection mean to you ?

Let’s start here, and find out what’s in the Gap. From this point we can find the method that is best for you.

Thank you for reaching out to me.
Endless blessings
Iya Samhain.


Welcome to the Order!

I don’t agree with you on the Videos! The videos are great! Very informative and provide a new way of learning. Those who are visuals will enjoy the demonstrations.

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Sorry for responding so late, thank you for taking the time to write back.Ive been with balg for about a month all this magic stuff is new to me.

I’m on the forum pretty much everyday just reading what people talk about and trying to apply some of the stuff because I really want to learn it all.

Now to answer your question I have some visualization techniques from the shamanic course
That strengthen my visualization a bit so yes.

My dreams I can’t control them so no.
And astral projection from my understanding is your soul leaving your body.

The ea video series never seen any of them.
I have the money to pay for the soul travel course but i only have a phone right now and idk how that open for your assistance if you have the time.

Thank you again

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Interesting. Some of the authors EA have featured on his channel have almost the exact opposite advice. Soul travel first, then evocation. I am pretty sure one of them advocates soul travel as the foundational skill.

I’m going to be annoying and say, do both at once, alternate, because that was kinda how I recall starting out, part summoning spirits into images and objects, and part soul travelling to see them in their realms. :thinking:

I didn’t keep any journals and was only young, but I know, because we moved a lot, that I have distinct memories of doing evocation (as I now know it to have been) in the daytimes with my little paintings and things, and then soul travelling at night on the same days using my method.

The idea is to come at any blockages from both angles, so to speak, at once - you enter “the world of spirits” and also at the same time summon them “here.”

For a reasonable person, choosing the one that gives results fastest might be motivational, and the more one strengthens skills in one area, the more that crosses over and boosts psi skills and ability to sense spirits. :smiley:

Thats probably right. The soul travel meditations i feel, now, can put you in the TGS faster then the evocation ones do. Mistake on his part IMO.

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I wouldn’t say mistake. Just different for each person. Though I wouldn’t know of course. I see that quite a lot with Internal Alchemy sort of practices. I do a particular practice a few times and get absolutely nothing out of it, but then I hear people I trust aren’t lying talk about life changing experiences they’ve had doing that same practice.

Also, can someone please explain to me how soul travel is different from Astral projection both in theory and in practice. I haven’t been able to find an explanation anywhere.


Just curious if you took his soul travel course? He talks about the difference but I honestly cannot remember

Unfortunately not. If I somehow managed to get a credit card with a million dollars in it I’d start buying grimoires like crazy (that’s honestly the only thing involving money that I really want), but for now I am staying away from EA’s material. Just because of the price tag.

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