Counter invasive disruption - a story

I was in a mental hospital on one occasion. As I was relaxing, I began to overhear my name being spoken. I was then thrown into a vast dark place when I started recognizing they were discussing particulars of my temporal stay there at the hospital. I was filled overwhelmingly with intense radiation that phased forms into twitching and sweating. However, I maintained myself and activated a dormant resolve which I generally retain in a closed off rested section of myself. However, thet section had been tremendously stirred and gapping. For my name was mentioned with laughter and flaunted about.

So I arose from my solitude where I had retreated and approached them directly. I told them with the utmost calm emotionless demeanor as possible that I had heard everything they said and that they had caused me great pain and shame and that they had shown themselves to be utmost unprofessional. Then I walked away briefly, unable to hide the shaking which began to cause my muscles to grip themselves tensing up as the heat collected around my palms and then entire body resulting in myself becoming moist across my hands and even some sweat dripping inside my shirt in between my arms.

Then a few minutes later I approached the front desk where a girl was working actually around my age. I started to pace back and forth there at the counter thickly releasing the fullness of my silence loudly into the mystical atmosphere. I could see her attempt to recoil into her work, her eyes increasingly becoming unmoved from her computer screen. Then I began making a very specific low volume whistling sound pulsing my tongue causing a rippling shrill piercing sound the frequency and intervals I fluxuated chaotically and without rhythm.

She had sunk into a low frequency state hypnotized by the computer screen, frozen in guilt shame and fear, her hands literally shaking as she attempting to keep typing. I could see the light reflecting through tears in her eyes as she harnessed all her strength to not emotionally breakdown and collapse right there in front of me. Then I walked away without saying a single word the whole time. I was out of that place so very fast but not before I manipulated an entire collective wave upon their whole office.

My assault was not finished. The other men don’t like waiting to have their cigarettes. You make them wait and they start having mental breakdowns. So I was the last one to have my daily check before everyone was allowed to go have a smoke. I intentionally waited until everyone else was done and standing impatiently in line wondering who was the one who was holding up their entire group. So then I stood up before them and said, that I was the one who was making them all wait and that I had something to say to them. I could see very subtle vibrations in the movements and responses of a few of the men who did not like this development at all and myself even less at this point. So to the one’s who I saw react ill to my ploy first, I took a step at them and pointing, forcing them to lock eyes with me for their own self respect as I glared into them one at a time saying, "YOU!.. How would you like it, if these ‘professionals’ behind the countering… points at the nurses behind the counter began telling jokes and laughing about why you are here openly talking about the personal details and particulars of your life? How would that make you feel? I glared into their eyes with vengeance and fury until I began to sense the mystical environment begin to move loosening itself from me and thickening around the nurses counter. Then we all went outside and had a cigarette forgetting the event took place. I was out of there so fast after that and even a couple of the fellas stopped me to shake my hand as I left.

In my experience, mental health professionals can behave with a very UNprofessional disrespect that’s like schoolyard bullying, and yet they infantilise their patients a lot of the time. Hmmn.

I was using a story to talk about other things which mighty have been harder to describe otherwise. I know it’s no uncommon thing for the thoughtful and the feeling to end up in some institution for a time. Have you ever felt a sensation as though the environment changed around you or that emotional energy itself could be pushed or nudged in a direction like a guided storm? People have fantastic notions about what actual power is of various flavors. What I showed here in this story is the direct application of manipulation and revenge to harness the very granted forces of karma itself, drawing forth sweat and trembling from the physical bodies of those specific people who hurt me. Screaming into a mirror or banging your fists against things till they bleed only hurts yourself. When a person has wronged you, there will be a time for recompense, such a time will be granted. Will you take the time, that is the question?