Counseling/Therapy-- nothing to do with occultness

I am coming here for abit of advice because I know “the female” who holds my chokechain will never see this.

1- Anyone here in counseling or therapy? During the xmas time I was at my youngest daughters. in front of the female did i actually " think I do not need Therapy!!!" thank hellz for her 4 dogs who managed to interupt as i sat there with the dumbest look ever and jaw secure on the floor!! My brain was screaching “YESSSSS!!!” like a choir of tweeker banshees. But did she think , Really, that I would posit an answer with the female arms length away and hours of car ride home???

2- i recently found out, i am owned by a Severe “Malignant Narcissist”- I just though she had some of her mothers mental illness- just a Generation more advanced and skilled. but Mal/Narcs- are a real thing… and not just horrid assholes. now, she is also to some degree aware she is also- [which only gives them more ammo]

I wouldn’t sign on with a therapist myself - that takes a level of trust I don’t have - but having lived with 2 narcs, one covert, and raised by a rather nasty, very domineering sadistic narc female, I sympathise.

Even with all the advice in the world, you are the one on the front line at the end of the day.

For me, all I need is to understand why. Malignant narcs don’t think like normal people, so it’s hard to get and work around them, but it’s possible to do damage mitigation. It’s super helpful to have a strategy to handle them, since you can’t rely on normal instincts, which they weaponise against you.

I really appreciate Richard Grannon’s youtube channel. He has a ton on living with Narcs, especially for codependents that are attracted to them, that gives really helpful understanding on the psychology.

Sam Vaknin, an author who is himself a narc explains things well also.


There is an app out there called Better Help that allows you to talk to professionals in the field from home (via video chat or text) at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy (about $40 to $70 a month).

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