Could you let me know some self protection techniques?

I need some effective, not very difficult self protection techniques, for example if you perform break up magick. I would like some experienced magician let me know, please.


Well I’m not an experienced mage but assuming you’ve done LBRP prior to any working?

1-Do divination to know if your working will work and if not, how you can make it work. If you are okay with what your working takes, proceed to the next step.
1-Banish using any banishing method that works for you.
2-Do the working. You can help yourself with entities that care about you to avoid possible mistakes during the process.
3-Banish again.

If you are not that good at banishing or for some reason you can’t perform the banishing where you are, you can banish by fiat until you have banished everything and/or ask the entities that care about you to cleanse for you.


If you’re looking for non-Christisn-based banishings, Jason Miller’s Protection and Reversal Magick is one I’ve used in the past. I found several of the rituals useful. It’s based on Hecate, which was perfect for where I was at the time.


Prayer to spirits , banishing rituals , various types of divination , spiritual agreements , help from other magicians

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Would be enough any self made banishing method, for example asking protection to your guardian angel, or Archangel Michael?

banishing rituals of the pentagram and hexagram are always good.
You can also call a specific angel that is known for protection and instruct him/her to protect you using the words of power associated with them.
if you dont know any of that get a book on it. I Recomend Damon Brand’s Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels.
Also from the same author Magickal Protection. On this particular book you’ll two very good things. A powerful (and yet easy to perform) banishing called Sword Banish and the 33 days Master Protection Ritual (which is more a work of self alchemy than anything and it’s very useful).

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I do the Sword Banishing from Damon Brands book. Can it be used before and after a ritual for petitioning demons instead of LBRP?

The Sword Banishing is a quite aggressive form of banish. Think of it like that… you’re asking an entity help with something… then you’re pulling out swords and telling it to “get the f#ck out here!!”… might not be the best approach right?
If you’re really afraid of working with a spirit maybe just do the the Ritual Opening of Demon’s of Magick from Gordon Winterfeld. It’s a variation of the LBRP but made way simpler but still powerful enough to give you protection during a ritual… while you’re reading through it might seen a bit complicated but it’s actually not. To perform it takes a couple of minutes.
Or you can use the other two books on angels i mentioned. There are a few protective angels there. The Maigickal Angels one might have the answer you’re looking for.


When you call angels for protection, you can do it in a self made , even informal manner, simply calliing them and asking their help and protection?

i mean technically yes… but that doesnt mean they will actually do it. Are you at least using the divine name or word of power associated with that angel??
My advice would be to at least establish a more formal contact with an angel through a known ritual… You know, first master the basics of something before go winging on it.
But that’s just my opinion… Do as thou wilt

Plenty of religious or superstitious or even spiritual people do… in their experience it seems to work for them as they keep doing it I guess.

I do just the kabbalistic cross prior to most things and tend to visualise myself in light when trying to astral project (haven’t actually succeeded yet)

I don’t think it is aggressive because the author explained the term in details. He said and I qoute ‘I don’t usually banish after a ritual because it seems like overkill. If you’ve asked the spirit to go and do it’s work, it should leave without being forced to leave. If you banish at the end of a ritual it can feel like you are slamming the door on your guest.’ And that goes to any other banishing method. The author has advised to use the banishing separately.

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Be an energy worker who learns to use his own energy and look into constructs because shields are pretty much constructs and you don’t need to keep doing a ritual to banish things or calling on other entities for help.

Psi shields/bubble shields/ etc.


I wasn’t sure of the severity of that method compared to LRBP, I thought I’d get some feedback. It’s so simple to do that it feels like it’s not that strong, but I guess that’s a good thing if you don’t want anything elaborate.

Oh yes, I’m familiar with that ritual from Gordon Winterfield

…That kind of leads to another question about LBRP, is it necessary to do before and after ritual? I thought the purpose was to banish anything that is unwanted not the spirit which you have sent to do the work, or to perhaps clear the energy if you work with a very baneful spirit. Still trying to determine when it’s best to use the LBRP. I’m not that keen on intoning the words out loud which you’re supposed to do, hence why I learned the Sword Banishing instead, but lots of people use it daily.

Yeah that’s not very nice

sorry I meant to reply to @SeekerOfTheTruth

You’re literally pulling swords bruh… if you dont consider that aggressive that’s ok.

Well the sword banishing is to clean energies around you. You dont really specify “oh look Angel guy please dont attack so and so demons that be around because i asked them to do something” during the ritual… well at lest i dont. But maybe you’ve a better intention focus and visualization than i do. When i do the Sword Banish is because i noticed there’s some energy around that might be trying to cause me trouble. It cuts cords and attack entities that might be causing mischief or mayhem around you. It’s also the pre-ritual of the other rituals from that book. So you’re also letting troublesome beings know… they’re about to get hammered. At least that’s how i see it. Is not something i do on a daily basis but just when i’m being harassed or something like that. I did it 33 days during the main ritual of that book and now i usually just do it when i’m about to a ritual from that book. i dont USUALLY use it on it’s on (done a few times but not usually).

If you work with a demon and then give him “license to depart” he usually goes away and if some of his energy stays around it’s usually not to fuck your life.

The LBRP is truly a preparation for the middle pillar (which you should do everyday). You do the LBRP just to cleanse and shield the space, than you to the middle pillar (or some form of energy work), then you do the LBRP again just to seal it… because when you do the middle pillar you glow with divine light and you’re far more noticeable for beings in the astral… parasites included.
You could do the LBRP every day if you want. You can think of it as like brushing your teeth… it’s just something you do keep yourself clean and healthy on a daily basis.

You could also do the LIRP at the morning and LBRP at night .

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Okay got it, that makes sense now. Thank you Seeker!