Could this be a curse?

For my curses so far I just write the what happens angrily and burn it but would it be more effective to light a black candle imagine the result for a while then burn it with that flame?

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Your question implies doubt.
Cursing is like putting on your shoes.
You don’t think about putting on your shoes after you already have, you already know that it’s done.
You feel it, know it.

If you can replicate that same feeling your curses will will take effect.

Inner work helps with results.
Has my curse been done? change the inner thought with its done. Banish or change negative thought patterns.
To begin with it may take weeks or months to manifest.

Once you start seeing results, your thoughts will change.
That anger push it all out into your visualisation.
Or if writing it down does the same thing for you that’s great.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. If it will help using a black candle use one. Just know you can also curse just by visualising.
You can manifest by writing on a piece of paper and forgetting about it as well.

Do what works for you. Find that confidence and knowing inside yourself.

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Asmodeus' intense souring jar

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Can’t get rats :fearful: