Could the "Win Hoff method" be beneficial?

You all have probably heard about him at one point. He’s a pretty famous guy called “the iceman”. He subjects himself to swims in the arctic, near-naked marathons through snow, and literally baffles scientists with how long he survives in freezing conditions that would kill any other human.

We all know the jolt of a cold shower, and how it can be soooooo hard to step into a icy shower, but this guy has a video course up online, (paid, of course) where he teaches the breathing methods and meditative states he gets into, in order to do these super-human feats…

My question is, to those of you who summon demons, do you believe these methods and practices could carry over to your summoning? Do you believe that perhaps practicing this “Win Hoff method” of breathing/cold water immersion could help me evoke spirits to full visualization?

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I don’t think so, these are two separate skill sets. Evocation to physical appearance requires the use of your clairsenses. Body manipulation through meditation, while a powerful and practical skill to use, does not carry over.

Win Hof method is absolutely great!

for evoking yourself. or destroying yourself.

doing breathing exercises is a separate thing (it also leads to truth about self)

but in doing ritual evocation of some specific entity, you breathe according to the entity, and not some pre-determined exercise.