Could it be President Marbas

Hello All! So… some of you may have noticed that I’ve been around lately asking a lot of questions! Lol. I thank all of you for your insight.

As I’ve been asking these questions and gathering your insights, I’ve been trying to make a decision as to which Demon to invoke first. I’ve had a few that I’ve been looking at and President Marbas was NOT one of them. No particular reason, I just hadn’t come across him other than seeing his name once or twice.

A few days ago, as I was going to sleep, I put out the thought of “if there is a Demon willing to work with me, they should come forward.” I was expecting a dream but did not get one.

Yesterday, however, I was at the grocery store and I saw a man with lots of sigils and other spiritual things tattooed on himself. I struck up a conversation with him (it was so interesting seeing him, since our of nowhere I see a guy with Demon digits tattooed now that I’ve been looking into them, and I’ve never seen that before.) Anyway, I asked him about one of his tattoos and he said it was the Demon Marbas.

What do you all think… could this have been orchestrated by President Marbas as a way of “stepping forward” like I asked?

I know there are no coincidences when you are on any spiritual path… but I also like to ponder it through so as to not read meaning into something that is not really there.

Thanks all!

As a side note… I’m not 100% sure what we would work on together… but thinking about it as I write… I want to develop as a spiritual healer… so maybe that is why…


Hard to say, but as you put it, there are no coincidences.

My personal experience with Marbas has been a big fraught and seems to diverge from what others have experienced (although, it might be just that my demonolatry skills are under-developed).

I have experienced Marbas to be a little standoffish, quiet and deliberate, like a Lion on the veld watching you intently knowing he can destroy you with a thought. It took me a long time to get to a place where I could say we were communicating.

All that said, my experience is not that he’d come out seeking you. He’d wait for you to enter his tall grass, then evaluate you. But again, my experience seems different than most.


Interesting. Thank you for that. I’ll have to see…might have to do divination to confirm or maybe just go ahead and invoke him and ask him right out. lol

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@beastofmarbas I have a question for you since you are so close with Marbas. lol.

I’ve been hesitating and going back and forth deciding which demon to invoke first. So last night, I decided to just go ahead and invoke Marbas.

I lit a candle, lit some frankincense incense, (I had just got done doing a couple readings not long before, so I had already cleansed the room and been burning some powders for spirit communication), drew out his sigil and started chanting his enn…

First of all…I stared at the sigil for awhile but I was never able to get it to “flash.” At one point I did pick it up and stare at it, and it went double, but never fully flashed (per what I was expecting from people’s descriptions of flashing, with parts of the sigil, or in full, disappering and reappearing.)

I did not feel any temperature changes in the room, or feel like a spirit entered. I did not necessarily feel anything either.

However, as I chanted the enn, the candle flame did start dancing. The only thing, other than the candle flame dancing (which still theoretically could have been from a draft or my breath) that I think MIGHT have been a sign of his presence…I was sitting their eyes closed… chanting the enn, and I had the psychic impression of a bird (maybe a parrot…but I’m not sure) fly in and land on my shoulder. I brushed this off though…because I was trying to make sure that my imagination and desire for something to happen were not coming into play, which I thought it might have been…since President Marbas is associated with lions and not birds…or is there an association to birds that I don’t know about…and as I am writing this…I just remembered about familiars…do you know if there are any familiars that Marbas may send that are in the form of a bird?

Now…after I chalked this experience up to not gonna happen the first time…(I know that just because I didn’t get any solid proof doesn’t mean there was no contact) I went off to bed. I took the sigil that I had drawn and put it in my pillowcase and I chanted the enn a few times as I went to sleep. I do remember my dream featuring Marbas but I don’t remember any of the details (I DID remember some when I woke up in the middle of the night, but it was one of those quick…wake up half way and fall right back asleep things…by the time I fully woke up this morning, I’d forgotten everything) The only thing I remember is that Marbas was featured and that the energy was slightly…negative maybe? or maybe just stern? I don’t know. There was also someone else…but I can’t remember who.

Usually if my dream means something…I remember the details…so I don’t know if it was a visitation or if the dream just featured Marbas, a psychological thing since I’d been thinking about him before bed.

I’m going to make this an actual post to get everyone’s feedback, but since we’ve been talking, I thought I’d ask you first to get your thoughts!

Do you think there was any contact here or no?

It is hard to say; I agree that these signs weren’t particularly definitive.

I don’t recall Marbas have any association with birds in general or parrots in particular, and these birds don’t seem to really fit the African veld ecosystem in which I generally encounter Marbas. Also, I haven’t seen Marbas associated with familiars either in anything I’ve read on him.

With that said, there’s not much I have found on Marbas online or in texts that isn’t basically the same Goetia paragraph reworded or translated. I’ve encountered a couple of gaming/video game references to Marbas, but I discounted those as just using the name.

However, my experience with Marbas took a long time to happen with many entreaties, so this circumspect visitation you reference, especially with the “stern” atmosphere, IS in keeping with my experience. Like I’ve described before, he seems to approach and watch from a distance before getting involved. You might be in for a while of that. This “slow approach” mode could also be why your dreams featuring him are vague.


Makes sense. Yes, I think I remember you saying it took awhile to contact him…maybe he does that as a way of testing you and feeling you out…to see if you are serious and if you can be trusted… who knows

I haven’t seen anything about birds either.

And yes, the same info I found is the same paragraph as well.

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Some of the descriptions of him paint him as an engineer or medical doctor (he likes to take things apart and see how they work), so I sorta see him as a pure scientist to a degree. He’s sitting back there observing. Not necessarily as a test, but he’s curious as to what you’ll do, why you’ll do it, etc. I think he likes consistent behavior and, if you ask for something, he wants and rewards “acts in accordance” (i.e., actions YOU take to make the change happen).

For me, I invoke him in my body-building efforts and have been rewarded by good gains and finding the right gyms, coaches, eating plans, etc.

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Hmmm. Makes sense. So just sitting back observing.

When you were first trying to contact him…how did you show consistency that ended up working? Were you doing invocations at the same time daily? Etc???

Well, I was a baby demonolator for most of it (I consider myself a toddler demonolator now), but yeah. I chant his enn and invoke him at every workout and consider the workout itself to be an exaltation in his name. This generally happens at the same time every day, but I think it’s more about the workout than the time of day.

I’m unclear on what to offer him and, even when I asked, I got zero input from Marbas himself. I have done some pathworking/vision work where I basically go to him and literally just sit with him hoping he’ll acknowledge me. He eventually did and whoa…some interesting dreams and astral activity ensued. I know he’s acknowledged me as his “beast,” but still I ask him to continue doing so every day.

Also, I wear a pendant with his sigil and I have, in the last couple of months, gotten a tattoo of his sigil on my shoulder as a way of sealing our relationship. It was after the tattoo that the real astral work began.

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Makes sense! I will be sure to be consistent.

I had some sweet graham cracker snacks that I set out…it was all I had. I’ve heard he likes cinnamon rolls.

Do you feel like this is an extension of your interest in being submissive? Or is this something else entirely? Because to me (and NO offense…just a statement…please don’t take any offense) that makes it seem almost like you are his pet…does that make sense?

Where did you get the pendant?

I had another thread a while back where I wondered if folks considered themselves more mages/wizards (i.e., directing energy from themselves and the universe) or more as clerics/priests (i.e., being empowered by gods or entities). I tend to view myself more as a cleric/priest in that regard. Disclaimer: I know these are RPG gaming terms and not fully applicable to reality, but I’m using the terms as a short-hand.

So yeah, being the “pet” of a god is an okay place for me to be. :slight_smile: Yes, it does activate my submissive side and yes, I do regard Marbas as a Dom/Master figure in some ways. I think of myself as his servant, even though he’s been pretty quiet about giving me directions to do any particular thing. But, I don’t think I control him, don’t think I’m summoning him to me forcibly, and don’t think I’m wringing favors from him.

I always try to be respectful and open to his influence. Maybe that’s what’s taken so long to get his attention, but it seems to have worked.

As for the pendant, check out the Esty website, the storefront of “fratersetnakh.” He’s in Poland (I think), but makes great pendants. Takes forever to get them in the US via the mail, but they’re worth it.

Lol. Yes, they do use those terms in games but they are all real life terms first with actual meaning so it’s all good. haha.

I understand on the whole pet thing and activating the submissive side. That is very interesting.

And yes, I don’t agree with that whole…“we control the spirits” thing. I think that is absurd, personally. I don’t think that we loose our free will when dealing with them…but neither do they loose theirs.

I’ll check out the Etsy site. Thanks !