Could it be possible to become a titan class being?

Well, you have to understand that on the Soul Plane or astral planes oh, there are no limits, not even your imagination. Anything that you imagine can be made manifest in those Realms, and if you know how to marry that astral energy to your physical body, it can be possible to read some of the rewards from that. However, just because you do a successful possession with Abaddon, that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to grow to be three stories tall.


True but i wasnt talking about physically changing myself more of the astral changes that would allow me to affect the physical realm

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Ponder this a bit:
"The Universe is a Microcosm to your inner Macrocosm."

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What exactly are you implying? That the universe fuels my own inner universe?

To be honest I took it as meaning you are what you want to be type thing lol I could be way off

Quite the opposite.

So your implying that i fuel the universe or something?

To quote Michael Kelly from Draconian Consciousness:

You are no longer a speck in a vast Cosmos, but the Cosmos is a speck in a vaster Imagination that is you. You yourself in your manifest form are but a projection of
your Self within the realm of manifestation, an interface whereby your consciousness may interact with and enjoy the rest of the illusion which is Reality, the playground of Apep.
It is a fundamental precept of most occult philosophy that the awakened Initiate is a microcosm of the macrocosm. This works well in theory, and is in truth the only way in
which we can possibly approach the Work in its initial stages. But by the time the Seventh Head rises into roaring wakefulness, we come to realise that this was only ever a lie
told to children to help them to understand a truth that was far too big for them: the Cosmos is actually a microcosm of our macrocosm.
There will be those who scoff aloud at this, taking offence at my ‘arrogance’. But there will be others for whom this will be a hammer blow that demolishes the old conceptions and lets the truth come flooding in, a great tsunami that destroys and sweeps away the old world, so that we may create it anew.



Update: as an experiment i made an artificial soul fragment resembeling my soul went through the titan trial and put the titan soul fragmant into a sword the sprit within the sword feels like a dark pressence, almost like the literal definition of black magic

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Is there an update ??

Yeah it is possible to do this however the problem is once it’s done its replaced with an object of pure concentrated magick as I saw with my artificial soul

So you don’t have a natural soûl ??

I do I did an experiment with an artificial soul to see what would happen and once the process was done it was no longer a artificial soul but rather a soul that was now a cosmic force of the universe but when you interacted with it all you could feel was the darkness

That’s pretty interesting progress

This soul is basically yours yes?

The titans of Greek mythology were forces of nature and the gods were the organized chaos of nature considering this it’s fair to assume that the conversion would make you a cosmic force of nature however it would mostlikely be a dark force of nature

It’s a soul I made mimicking my own nature to avoid unnecessary damage

Baisically yes

I always saw the primordials as forces of nature, the titans as their envoys, and Olympians as the order in the chaos.

Also, I ask because some believe you cannot have the entirety of the soul of a titan, god, demon (even tho demon souls imo is no different from a human soul just with demonic energy and well their race) that aside I assume your energy body is altered to house the entirety of your change? or if I’m not understanding right do correct me