Could I get in trouble for using cemeteries?

Hello, so I’ve looked at a bunch of curses, and all the ones I’ve seen say to bury the object to curse someone in a cemetery. I’ve never done this before, so what I want to know is, can I possibly get in trouble for digging holes in a graveyard? I live in SoCal, and cemeteries here probably aren’t as lax as cemeteries in more rural areas (although I could be wrong, because I don’t really go to the cemeteries). The ones near me close before it gets dark (unless it’s the winter).

Anyway, what I want to know is is there a real probability of me getting in trouble from burying something or even collecting dirt from a cemetery? I assume that this worry is unfounded, because most cursing techniques involve burying something in a cemetery, and the people that teach those techniques and the people learning about them seem to be fine, but as I said before, I live somewhere that isn’t as lax as most places, so I’d still like to know if I should be worried or anything. Plus, I’ve heard it’s recommended to curse at night, but the ones near me closes when it just barely gets dark, if at all. I’m a newbie at this and a cautious person, so I admit I could easily be wrong and these worries could be completely unfounded.


Use discretion. If a groundskeeper or security guard sees you digging around, they might call the police and say you were vandalizing. And if you are in a locked area after night it could also be trespassing. That said, security is very lax at cemeteries and nobody wants to cause trouble, but just use your head.


Keep an eye out but act normal. Act like you are suppose to be there and use whatever protective and camouflaging spells you are best at.


Plant a flower near or on a more recent grave. Collect your dirt before putting in the plant. If someone challenges you, just say you are planting a spring tulip for your dear old auntee (or whoever). Another member also had a genius tactic: find a mound of dirt destined to be put back in a grave-to-be and stick it in there. Let the grounds keeping staff do the work for you.

Just look like you are doing something that nobody would question and most likely, nobody will question you.


I’m taking notes. :heart_eyes:

Great idea! Just for clarification, would the first part of your statement be for just graveyard-dirt collecting, and would the next, the “grave-to-be,” be the cursed box/whatever for someone that I’d bury to make the curse work?


You could do it for either or both. If you do it for either I would get the dead’s consent first, but especially for the curse, and be sure to leave an offering. Most spells I know that have you bury something in a graveyard do not specify that it has to be on an actual grave.

Also, most spells that call for burial in a graveyard can be effective if the burial is done in a crossroads of some kind, even an intersecting set of trails in the woods.

If it makes life easier, you can just dig a hole anywhere secluded about 1 foot down and bury the object, putting a small mirror or piece of mirror facing reflective side towards the item being buried before you cover it. Unless specifically drawing on the dead, or otherwise stated, it should be a suitable replacement. Usually the idea behind burying something is to seal it and/or banish it in some way.


Of course- although the natural liberates are offered to pay respects they are still technically privately owned. Even the very old “abandoned” ones are most likely on someone’s property and subject to trespassing. This does however raise a very interesting question and some potential controversy- actually almost certain controversy. My town is a shit hole. The one redeeming quality is I live right on the Great Lakes (US side). Now in my town is on the Lake all public land with miles of beach. It has long been a source of local controversy as the grounds are known burial grounds for the Native Americans and while there are no markers obviously there are stone offering monuments all over where they offer tobacco and what not. So what would happen to me if I was “caught” for lack of better word practicing my own brand of spirituality? Either legally or court of public opinion even of those not abhorred by the occult? Just thoughts really. It sucks because in any decent weather there’s nothing but kids partying but I’ve been there dead of winter on an attempt to invoke Vepar- the water was a natural fit. Sorta is anyways. What I’m driving at is while I’m not even saying anyone here would think of it that way but I’m sure some occultists would somehow find it disrespectful on a Native American burial ground but not bat an eye on plain old cemetery. I’m treading on thin ice hear I know.