Could I call on the power of all the healers in here?

I need help with my 5 month old puppy. He has been some kind of sick since I got him over a month ago. I got him on his 4 month birthday.

I’m a vet tech so I have done a ton medically with no answers. He is vomiting and Diarrhea after every meal.

This was completely clear. I can’t really scan my own pets. But I am 99% sure this is either genetics or he is allergic to food.

I could really use some help figuring out that is going on so I can heal him Properly.


yeah i dont seem to have much luck with puppies. Every single puppy i ever had, i loved them to so much and they died a horrible death. Every single time. I’m not sure why.
At some point i made the decision of just keeping myself emotionally away form dogs. Have been good for the dogs and for myself…
i’d call on Hariel, Zoroel and Sabriel …
Hariel rules over tame beasts.
Zoroel and Sabriel are healing spirits.


Did you test for diabetes?


No next yet. There’s no history in his family. I know who owns his mother and father. I am having a blood test done next vet visit that came with my package that looms for his breeds and diseases/ genetic diseases.

Try different food: cooked meats with quality dry food, maybe a fried egg, some cheese.



Have you taken him for an x-ray in case it’s an obstruction?

I have food issues, and you can get to the point where you only feel well when you fast. Allergens are hidden in everything.

I agree with AL, try an elimination diet, stop feeding store bought cans that have too many ingredients to track, and feed him one, pure, thing, like minced beef only.
If he’s ok with that, add one more thing until you find out what makes him ill.


Um he is my dog so I am asking advice with I am getting great advice both magical and non magical. The I can heal him is just being I want him healed as his owner. No need to come on here and bed rude. You don’t like the wording as @Lady_Eva as said in other threads keep scrolling.

This is to you and @Uncle-Al at once. I have tried the chick and rice making and he still was the same. So those are off the list. I have a pressure cooker so I can even make bones and such like a gel. I was kinda floor with the bland diet not help (chickens and rice) since it is a go to for sick any one human or meat eating animal. I’ll try what both of you are suggesting too. I am thinking it might be gain but to get the vet to run allergy tests is so expensive and might not be possible if everything keeps
Shutting down. I think this is why I am so this puppy saved my son. I don’t want anything to happen to him.

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My reply didn’t post!!

Thank you so so so much!

You need to be polite it’s asking help. She truly has done so much BOTH wise. I know her personally. You don’t like what she’s saying or don’t understand don’t be rude word nicely or keep a going. :grin::v:

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Sounds like food poisoning to me. May be keep him off meat diet for sometime. Works like magic most of the time. Of course with the aid of other medicine. But just not feeding him meat and meat based products takes off that heaviness of the system working so hard to digest.

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I think you read my mind. As I was writing my other reply I was thinking maybe it is the meat. It’s very very rare but doing vegan for dogs isn’t unheard off. Plus we have seen recalls of processed animal foods a lot too. He might need vegan and maybe fish based diets. I live close to the ocean so there’s a lot oF off the boats markets.

Thank you!!

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Marbas heals animals as well as people


I have had that problem with my own years back. Now R.i.p tashi. I used to boil the meat and just use the soup for him to be Inclined in eating. With some cooked rice and a pinch of turmeric.

Sometimes they don’t really like turmeric . So I used to put half a pinch of turmeric when he was done eating 80% of the food. The idea was to get the turmeric into his system tiny bit at a time. Without forcing him hard and fast.

If I were u I would keep him off meat products for a week or so even after he gets better . To further strengthen his digestive system. But u know ur dog more than me.

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Yes, I know I have been having crows thrown at me again. I’ll evoke him tonight for a Lecture and help healing.

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What veggies do you suggest? A food allergy dog isn’t in heard of for me my 17 year old Yorkie was allergic to corn meal. So special diets isn’t anything I am worried about. My grandma had German Shepard she had to cook for. I should ask her what he was allergic to since my puppy is half German Shepard.

I think that goes with the dogs preference. I had a dog that didn’t like veggies at all. So substitute for meat would be chicken soup with rice and egg whites. Or rice with milk and some tasty biscuits would do the trick too.
I always stayed away from feed him corn. Personally It didn’t made sense to me.

My fried had a dog she devoured cucumber , carrots , white radish . So may be u will have to try and see .

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Has he had his parvo shot?

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Yes and tested the day after I got him. I was at the E vet. He then tested positive for hook worms. He has since done 3 rounds of different meds. At his point I wish it was just parasites since he is negative now.

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I have a ton of eggs and lots and lots of rice. I will try that. I randomly bought chick broth too.

He is the first animal I have actually block me. I am like dude really. But he is young and I have only had him for a month. So he isn’t used to Magick or telepathically talking to a human.

The crystals pull stuff I just can’t see what is there and it drives me insane. Because being a vet tech I am going to the worse and we already spend around 1,000 dollars in test coming back normal. Allergy testing is going to be the key, but I need to lay down my care care credit. I did get a package with genetic testing so that might help.