Could do with some advice

So for the past couple of weeks Ive been working on a love/lust ritual in an effort to get with a girl I met.
Although she has shown interest ( I think ) Im not getting the results I was aiming for. I realise that I have to do the work myself and that the spell will supplement my efforts and that’s lead me to start looking at other reasons why she might not be showing as much interest as I’d hoped for.
After a couple of days thinking I’m still unsure so thought I could ask you lot, since you don’t know me off forum I reckon we can be blunter and more open in the analysis.
Magic wise; Ive cast a few rituals, created a few servitors and put them to work and finally I created a talisman/ fetish charm ( not really sure what to call it ).
Physically I don’t think I’m hideous ( though you can be the judge of that ) and I go to the gym regularly but Im not exactly huge. I’m a pretty tall guy ( 6’4" ) and am fairly confident.
I’ve just come out the shower, but I’ll post a picture once I’m dressed.

Just realised how horribly I photograph :stuck_out_tongue:


First make sure she is looking for someone. Both genders go through periods of leave me alone.

Have the courage to ask. If you get a no then say, as a true friend what could be better. If she has to think then she is so superficial that you just did yourself a favor.

I don’t want to be one sided when I say this so it certainly works both ways. Do not obsess if you are Good enough for them, make sure they are good enough for you.

In the case of wanting a pretty girl, make sure there is something beyond pretty unless you do intend to use her and leave her.

They can sense that… That is the most common no.


You’re not ugly at all, plus you’re +6ft; quite a lot of girls are obsessed with that, so if your girl is one of them, your chances will be even better. You’ll do fine.


How long has it been since you did the ritual. Tbh, I don’t think you should have to do much of anything with these kinds of spells if it worked correctly. I mean, if I wanted to evoke an entity to kill a person, does the entity need me to set up the bear trap for them to run into in their front lawn? I feel like if magic can kill someone without my help, then it should be able to get a girl to want me sexually without my help too (which is a much easier task than killing I would imagine). So personally, I’d just sit and wait…forget about her and go on about your life. If the magic worked, she should come to you


No topless photo…?

I will give you honest un-pilled grill opinion (I don’t take the pill) - I mean, if I’d hump ya, I will tell you, I have a hot male here at home so no pro-mo! :wink:


The vibe i get is that the problem isn’t her or the spell. The problem stems from you not being totally comfortable with yourself. I suggest fueling the situaltion with some self-confidence ritual and affirmations. This will help you tap into your inner self worth and be able to be comfortable around other people and prospective dates in the future.


I’m gonna side with @kiss-lamia-lilith

Most of your post was wrapped up in “do YOU GUYS think I’m good and good looking enough?” I don’t think this is the right question. Do you think you are good/goodlooking enough? It’s not us you have to impress, but yourself and her.

That said, you’re not half bad, but my tastes run in a different direction, so don’t let that make you feel bad


Enough has been said by @Anastasiya and @kiss-lamia-lilith i agree with them.

I’d also suggest working to increase your personal magnetism, Naamah can help you with this,Li Ban as well, who is she? She’s an irish siren goddess


You’ve already gotten some A+ suggestions but I’ll throw in my two cents. Love spells only work if you let them. Try and keep your obsession off of the result and trust that it will get done. And remember, that magick will only work if you give it a chance to. In our society it isn’t acceptable for women to pursue men (there are of course exceptions to this) so you’ll have to make the moves. Check out Mindful Attraction and Based Zeus on YouTube and if you’re a reader check out Models by Mark Manson. That book is great because it isn’t about using tricks or lying to attract women. It’s about using honesty and self confidence to attract women.


So, as a gay man, I can tell you that your pretty attractive.

The thing about rituals is the more you think about the result the more it doesn’t come. I’ll give you an example. There was a guy I was trying to seduce, but he was really flighty and noncommittal. So, I evoked an angelic thoughtform I created to seduce him. It wasn’t until after I lost interest and moved on that a few weeks later he texted me asking if I was free to have sex at his place, but I said no. So, my ritual had worked, but only after I stopped caring about the result.

This is why it’s much easier to do a ritual for someone else where you don’t really have much of a stock in the situation. For example, there was this one friend of mine who’s significant other was having problems at work that may have led to his firing. I did a dual evocation ritual that the truth would be known and everything would be handled in a spirit of wisdom and understanding. And my friend got results the next day.


I can verify from personal experience both sides of @ashtkerr’s second statement. Having someone else work magick on your behalf gets some seriously powerful results in a very short amount of time. Working magick on behalf of someone else causes their worlds to be changed much faster and easier than working the same magick on yourself.

As far as I can tell, it works on the same idea of fighting alone and fighting with a posse at your back. You KNOW in your bones you can do more when others have your back, its social human nature.


That was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw that picture. “Art-school man-whore college-age gay dudes are ALL about that look. Especially the up-swept crest of hair and the shiny, clean, hairless skin.”

Let me say this first: Dress for yourself and dress however you feel. If the way you look feels like you, then run with it. That aside, most guys your age don’t have the time, money, or incentive to dress and groom that “neat.” A lot of girls will see the super-clean look and think something’s up.

Now I will let you in on a little secret. I call it the “straight look.”(And I used “straight” in the old-fashioned sense: boring, square, plain.) Everybody secretly digs the “straight slob who doesn’t know he’s hot look.” It is the Number One All-Ages Omni-Sexual Pussy-Slayer. I ALWAYS dressed and groomed “nice” because I wanted to look a certain way for myself and felt off when I didn’t. Then I went through a phase where I was too poor and tired and busy to worry about looking nice… grew all my body and head hair out and went around in rumpled t-shirts and boring-old-blue-jeans and boots and only shaved once a week because I couldn’t afford to buy razor blades every month.

Good God. Women, men, straight guys, LOTS of straight guys… rednecky straight guys with girlfriends would say the most unfathomably raunchy things about what they wanted to do to me… in public. In front of their friends. In an “I want to grab you and rape you right now,” kind of way, not the funny “no homo” way. Never underestimate the unholy power of the “straight look.” College-age girls that other guys would kill each other for would titter about me and sneak pictures with their cellphones. The funny thing? I didn’t feel very attractive at all (because I was USED to doing things a certain way) and started out thinking nobody would be into me until I could afford to get my old routine back. At the animal level, people don’t work the way the media tells them they should, and the person they REALLY want to fuck looks and smells like a human being, not a hairless, gym-bodied, “I got my first face-lift when I was twelve,” pretty-boy covered in “fashionable” bullshit.


You guys are right. We SHOULD have an elite crew doing magic do help one another. I know it’s an experiment we’ve tried before, but the ones I participated in didn’t work well because we didn’t filter for just the people who could/would reliably show up and do the work. What a great idea you’ve both just had.

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