Could be a stupid question

I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but is there a recommended limit on the amount of help you seek from the other side to reinvent your situation? Is it appropriate to ask for help with more than one item at a time? Or should you wait until one thing resolves itself before thinking about another?

That depends on what kind of rituals your doing. Full on evocations, sigil magick, or some other form of magick? If it’s sigil magick then it’s best to have only 4/6 open and charged at a time, anymore then that can mess with your health and sanity. If you what to give some details on what kind of rituals your doing then i or other forum members might be able to give you a little more specific answers.

As of now I dont have rituals per say, butIi performed the sigal meditation. I’m new, but I’m not getting any younger and want to get things on track. That being said, I dont want to put the spirits off.

As long as the tasks don’t interfere with one another and you don’t try to get everything done in one big ritual then yes it’s ok to call on multiple spirits.

I agree with ^…I will also add, I have found these beings often work together to attain the operator’s goals.